Siblings 2018 – June

This month has been full of adventures. We have been having unstoppable fun over here that I’ve been a little overwhelmed. Specifically over half term when we literally had so many days out that everything else was given a bit of a back seat. 

As they are growing older, my girls are becoming much easier to look after on days out. Of course they all have their dramas but they are genuinely more content. 

There’s very clear relationship bonds appearing now they are older. P1 will communicate with words better with P2, whereas P2 plays with P3 more. Does that make any sense at all?? Basically P2 has the best of both worlds, with a friend to chat to about more grown up things and a friend to be silly and play with. Things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows though. This month P2 and P3 have been bickering like there’s no tomorrow. They’ve always bickered, they are too close in age I believe, but it’s been relentless in the past few weeks. I can see such a close bond and I think this is what causes the tension sometimes. 

P1 has sort of been keeping herself to herself during home life lately. I have tried to push her to play with her sisters, especially now we have a brilliant garden and better weather. But she just seems so distance. Maybe it is an age thing, or that she just can’t stand the bickering and sharing. It must be so hard being a sibling, I remember my own struggles being the biggest. There’s a lot of expectations and responsibilities even at this age.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my more outdoorsy photos. Finally we’ve been able to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Although my hayfever is awful.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. So much fun in the sun together right here. Gorgeous #siblingsproject

  2. Gorgeous photos, I love the fact we can get outdoors more this month too. Though sometimes I too crave some time when we are not busy so I can feel like I have a handle on everything else! Its just so tempting to need to make the most of it especially half term isn’t it? x

  3. So much fun to be had with 3 kiddos. It’s brilliant being able to get out more at this time of year, well done for doing so despite the misery that is hayfever.

  4. Gorgeous outdoor photos. Life is so much easier when you can get out in the sunshine, isn’t it! x

  5. I absolutely love all the outdoor pictures – it must be hard for P1 being that much older!

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