Siblings 2018 – March

What an extremely odd month we have had. We were teased with a nice warm weekend, with sunshine and flowers sprouting up everywhere. A tiny glimmer of hope to the Spring and Summer being well on its way, then out of nowhere the Beast From The East hit and covered the UK in thick snow!

I haven’t actually taken many photos of all three of them together. I feel like we barely get a chance to be a family of five most weeks. There are so many clubs, play dates and family members stealing (aka kindly freeing us of our parenting duties) them away these days. So I had to force, bribe and plead to get a couple of shots at bedtime the other day.

They’re usually relatively game to get photos done. Until it involves them being together, touching each other or being told to love each other for a few minutes. Bedtime probably wasn’t the best moment to pick for photos. A few minutes before the photos were taken, P2 was crying about not getting dressed into pyjamas first, P3 was in extreme tired mode and P1 was just a little bit crazy.

The result was quite good though, once edited, I think. What I’ve said above really sums up their relationships this past month. They just can’t seem to get along at the moment. It’s been a constant of “Mummy she did this” “she did that” etc etc etc!!! My ears hurt and I just feel drained from them. I honestly hope that when the weather decides to improve, it will bring us all a little closer.

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