Siblings 2018 – May

We have been able to get outside this month, with temperatures reaching nearly 30 degrees. We’ve focused on getting the garden ready for our girls and we are nearly at a state where we are comfortable with it.

Having our new Dunster House climbing frame has allowed the girls to bond so much. Mainly P2 and P3 have been out from the moment they wake and then again in the afternoons. I love watching them play outdoors, playing in the mud kitchen and just being together sometimes.

All three girls have had chickenpox this month. It’s been a tough month for them and us actually. However, it’s given them so many opportunities to bond with each other over games, iPads and the outdoors. P1 had a whole week of bonding with P3 as they both caught the chickenpox at the same time.

Naturally my siblings post this month is of my girlies outside in their new climbing frame. I literally took these and wrote this post today because I completely forgot it was the 15th. I mean where the heck is this year going already?!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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