Siblings 2018 – November

Anybody else feeling a little uneasy that it’s Christmas next month. The end of another year. Obviously Christmas time is really magical but I just feel like this year has gone so much faster than any other year.

This past month has zoomed by incredibly fast and I’ve actually not taken many, if any, photos during November of my girls together. Here are some from the last Siblings anyway.

My wild children have been keeping me on my toes this month. P1 in particular as she continues to settle into her new school. She had a rather big wobble which sent turmoil across the whole family but as we near the end of November, things are looking more positive. P1 had set her mind into looking for all the negatives and we’ve helped her to see the positives and try to look to the future. She’s actually doing really well at the new school according to her teachers so that’s great to see.

This past month also saw both P2 and P3 getting a chest infection. Sharing is caring between sisters obviously. P2 experienced her first canter in her horse riding lessons which was so exciting to watch. She has been craving more time at home lately and has been requesting meals out. Hubby and I took her for a breakfast whilst she had a chest infection, it allowed us to have some really important and much needed one to one time. She even wangled a £30 unicorn from us!

A huge thing to happened for P3 this month was cutting out bedtime milk, and milk during the entire day actually. She has always had the baby bottle hanging out of her mouth wherever we go, by stopping that it has made our lives so much easier and she is sleeping much better too. P3 has been talking so much this month too. It’s both hilariously interesting and totally exhausting too!

It’s been a very hectic month and the girls have been bickering a lot but we are all very excited for Christmas. What’s your plans for the coming month?

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  1. It sounds like you’ve had a busy month! Glad to hear things are settling down with school. #SiblingsProject

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