Siblings 2018 – October

I suddenly remembered last night that I had completely forgotten to create a siblings post for October. It’s the first month I’ve ever forgotten or left it this late. We’ve been so incredibly rushed off of our feet.

I’ve grabbed a couple of recent photos of the girls together to showcase this month. I actually love the ones I’ve chosen because they really represent our month.

P1 has had a very big month. We changed her primary school. She’s had a lot of adjusting to do but seems settled and happy. She’s been making new friends and even joined the choir at her new school. I now have three morning school drop offs to do which has been tiring but eventually P2 will join her sister, we are praying for a space to become available as soon as possible.

P2 has been thrilled this month. Her Nanny K bought a puppy and of course she’s in love. She has completed a little trampoline club at school that she really enjoyed. Her favourite things to do at the moment is ask for activities like crafts and baking. P2 is relentless.

P3 turned four this month, well at the end of September anyway. I feel like her whole behaviour and personality has grown incredibly. She’s coming out with new phrases and just seems older. Her confidence is growing which is lovely to see.

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  1. I literally cannot believe P3 is nearly 4 – how time flies!

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