Siblings 2019 – April

Gosh what a busy April we have had! It was pretty much full of school holidays – Elsa had three weeks off, Freya and Eva had two. So we had plenty of time for family fun.

April was a really good month for Freya. She seems much more settled in herself at the moment and I think there’s a few things that have contributed to that. Friendships being a big part. She has made a few really lovely friendships in the new school. They seem to look out for Freya and Freya in turn has started to look out for them. It’s an amazing achievement that she has struggled with for so long.

Educationally Freya has been working very hard with her tutor, focusing on her maths as this is her weakness. We had parents evening at the very end of April and for the first time I didn’t really have any concerns. Her teachers are so proud of her, she’s producing some amazing work and really focusing.

I was actually applauded at how we told Freya about her autism diagnosis, that Freya seems much more content with herself since. I loved that one of her “my teacher is proud of me this term because…” was her unique viewpoint. So true.

Freya also took part in her first ever swimming gala. I was so emotional as she cannot swim unaided due to her hype mobility. This didn’t stop her though, she always shows such determination despite her abilities. She came last but I was so proud. We’ve truly had a better month.

This little bull in a china shop has been a real character this month. She’s so full of life and energy. Almost to the point it’s a little too much. I want her enthusiasm and hyper ways, it would make life much more easier.

Eva has been asking lots of difficult questions this past month. They usually happen when the lights go out and it’s silent, bedtime. I think Easter prompted a lot of the curiosity, her questioned focused on death and what happens after death. It was difficult for me to answer but I hope I helped her feel at peace.

Parents evening for Eva was also really pleasing. I’m so thrilled we moved her with Freya. She’s doing so well. Eva is a real people pleasure and has this anxiety about getting things wrong and I think this is what may be holding her back a little in some subjects. The school are helping her find her confidence which is obviously reassuring.

Right at the end of April, Eva started her swimming lessons back up. There was a slight mix up and she ended up going in a class a little more advanced for her. Hubby had taken her and said she did really well. She then went on to have her actual lesson too. A very busy evening for her!

It’s been a bit of a significant month for Elsa. We found out her primary school place. Although it was a pretty certain deal that she’d be going to the same school as her two sisters, I still felt incredibly nervous. I’m a bit in denial I think about the whole thing. She’s my baby.

I think I’m beginning to realise just how short their childhood is, third time round, as the time gets shorter until she flies the nest. I asked her if she’ll miss me, her response was “yes but I have to go to big school mummy!”

Out of all three of my girls, Elsa was the better behaved child during our trip. She sort of took everything in her stride. She specifically loved learning about the caves we explored. She’s a little sponge for knowledge.

I love the little friendships she’s forming from her preschool. One we see weekly and do play dates after preschool. Elsa becomes quite nervous around new people, that’s part of who she is, but the people she’s comfortable with she dotes on. It’s adorable.

As always these girls fight viscously at times. The Easter holidays did really bring them closer as a tribe. They began to accept each other and bond well with each other too. I love seeing different sides of their relationships blossom.

We are soon going to be revealing the biggest secret we’ve ever kept from them and I’m so excited. I’m expecting our siblings post for May will include sunshine holiday photos.

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