Siblings 2019 – Catch Up – May To October

It has been over half a year since I last posted a siblings post. The longest gap since January 2015 (that blog post gets me all clucky!)when I started joining in with the project. Some of you may be new to the little series. It is basically a blog post each month where I showcase my girls in their sister bond.

The way I posted has developed and changed over the years but recently I was showcasing one image of my daughters separately, talking a little about their achievements and then finishing it off with a joint troublesome threesome photo. I liked this way of sharing and it had sort of taken over the original letters I used to write them each month.

The April siblings post saw me promising sunshine photos from our surprise trip to Florida but that trip took over my life with all the content needing to be created. The siblings’ posts took a back seat and I’m sad to admit, I completely forgot about them and how important they were to me.

So here I am, in November, catching up so I can begin again. Does that make any sense at all? I am just going to share some of my favourite group photos of Freya, Eva and Elsa from each month. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll try my best to keep up with the ongoing Siblings posts from now.


May was a funny month. I spent the first half excited and stressed by the Florida trip. Trying to keep the whole thing a secret was petrifying but we did it and on the 24th May we headed off to Orlando for 16 nights. The girls were in their absolute element.

We visited places like WonderWorks, SeaWorld, Aquatica and our favourite place on Earth – Universal Orlando. They got on well together as they explored the theme parks, created memories of a lifetime and bonded in the holiday spirit.


The first part of June was also spent in Florida. We kick-started June with a trip to the Kennedy Space Center and even fed alligators at Gatorland. My absolute favourite moment of June was breaking our Disney virginity together as a family. That sounds a little bit creepy now I’ve said it.

All three of my girls have very different personalities and I loved the Disney had this magic of bringing them all together in different ways. It was truly a once in a lifetime trip. We then spent the rest of June floating in Disney clouds and dreaming of the next time we could visit.


Elsa graduated from preschool in June. This was a slightly terrifying moment for me to accept that she would be heading off to big school soon. 

We also had glorious weather throughout July and the girls spent a lot of time outdoors. We eventually made our way to the strawberry picking fields too, sadly we missed their strawberry season and ended up collecting raspberries instead.


August is the school summer holidays. For the first time, we had no plans at all. It felt a little bit daunting but we had the best school holiday yet.

There was a lot of movie days in our pyjamas, a few park trips and small days out here and there. Honestly, it was a brilliant time to bond as a family and we generally all got along really well.


Elsa started big school, Eva joined Year 2 and Freya embarked on her last year of Primary School in September. We had a month of adjusting to new routines, not having Elsa around too much and getting used to being a bit more of a grown-up. It meant that the evenings were super special and I tried to plan lots of things for us to do. Including this little Disney dress up afternoon.

Other big news for September was that Freya took her Kent Test. We felt very proud of her for having the courage to try her best at an exam. Elsa also turned 5 years old at the end of September and requested a blue dinosaur cake. Nanny thankfully did the honours.


October Half Term was my favourite school holiday ever. We had something planned for nearly every single day. There was a little glamping trip and a trip to Drusillas. We, of course, made our way to the pumpkin patch which is a new annual tradition for us. 

We attended quite a few blog events and days out in October too. This gave the girls lots of opportunities to come together as a group and enjoy their time together.

Finally caught up…

So there we have it. You’ve been caught up with an overview of the past few months. I hope you’ve enjoyed. Moving forward I will try to aim to have the next Siblings post up by the last day of each month so that I can discuss that month properly. Have a wonderful week!

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