Siblings 2019 – December

Another whole year of the Siblings project is over. I didn’t do too well this year in keeping up to date with it all but I hope to continue in 2020.

I enjoy looking back on how my girls have changed over the months and years so it would feel silly if I just stopped uploading them altogether.

December is Freya’s birthday month. This lady is the one who threw me into parenthood 7 weeks early on Christmas Eve, ELEVEN years ago!! I have no idea how I am the owner of an 11-year-old person, somehow being responsible for her for over a decade. I’m still pinching myself to bring me back to reality, but of course, this is my reality.

I went into December wondering what the month would entail. December is a very overwhelming month for everybody, let alone someone who sees the world through autistic eyes. But actually, we’ve had a pretty positive month with Freya. She’s been so smiley and happy, especially on her birthday and Christmas.

Freya received the Lego Hogwarts Castle as a joint pressie between Hubby and me, and my Mum and Grandad. She was thrilled and we’ve spent the past week doing a few bags each day. There’s 37 of them so it’s going to take us a while to get through.

I frequently wonder why I wasn’t given the option to add a volume button to our beautiful Eva. She is so incredibly loud and my Apple Watch keeps warning me I’m in a noisy environment. I worry about my hearing health.

Eva is going through a bit of a phase of telling tales on her sisters. It’s happening almost hourly where she tells us “Freya did this. Elsa did that..” It’s becoming rather annoying to me, goodness only knows how Freya and Elsa feel. I remember my brother doing the same to me and I hated it, so I think I’m more aware of the situation and want to nip it in the bud as soon as I can.

During the first half of December, the girls were hit with a weird virus that gave them coughs and high temperature. Eva was hit the most and it took her nearly a week to get over. It was nice to spend some one on one time though despite the circumstances of it.

Eva had a really fun part in the school Christmas Nativity this year. She was a wise man (woman) and had to dance on the stage. It was the cutest thing I’ve seen and we felt very proud of her. That was her last ever school nativity as next Christmas she’ll be in Key Stage 2 and they do a Carol Service rather than a performance. Sad times!

Where do I begin with little Ellie-Bellie? Elsa had her first school nativity too, performing in the same performance as Eva. Elsa was dressed as a Star and she had two songs to sing with her classmates. It was tear-jerking, the cutest little star. Sadly, it was the time that the cough virus was hitting so Elsa was coughing most of the time.

I have enjoyed seeing Elsa’s creative side develop over the past month. It’s incredible how just a few months ago, she would barely pick up a pencil to do any drawings, now we regularly find her in the dining room doing drawings and writing. It’s a passion she’s enjoying right now.

Elsa has enjoyed Christmas this year. She loves her Faith and exploring the stories within the Bible so Christmas was interesting for her. Last year she found Christmas overwhelming but thankfully this year she took pleasure in opening her presents and spending time with family. It was nice to see her smiling through it.

There has been a lot of noise this past month. A little more than is easy to cope with if I’m honest. As they grow older their voices are becoming louder and their individual need for attention is much greater too. 

Their bonds are becoming very clear, with Eva and Elsa being two peas in a pod. Freya spends a lot of time struggling to find her place within that bond. She’s much older than them and with her autism is at a completely different stage of life.

I do love seeing them all play as a three, usually finding a common ground with drawing, singing or dancing together. I just hope they all find a volume much less than their current one.

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  1. This is such a fun idea! Sounds like they had a great year!

  2. So intrigued by the phone app warning you about being in a loud environment. That app must stay pretty active for folks with children around the holidays. Wishing you a quieter year.

  3. Happy 11th birthday and I love the festive pyjamas. Hope you have a very Happy New Year

  4. I wish blogs had been around when my girls were little. This is a wonderful way to store memories!

  5. thoughtfullyunraveled

    This is such a wonderful way to document kids as they grow. How fun it will be to look back on these memories and moments too!

  6. I love this idea! I want to start doing it when I have kids.

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