Siblings 2019 – January

I can’t believe that I am sitting here writing the first siblings post of 2019! The whole new year thing really crept up on me. It’s a big year for our family, in September Elsa will be starting big school and I think up until this point I’ve been in denial about it. Not only that, the girls have increased their club lists resulting in us having just the weekends free.

I toyed with the idea of not taking part in the siblings project. In fact that’s why it’s a little late going live. Then I reminded myself of what a lovely way it captures my girls and creates lasting memories of the things they’ve got up to each month. I am however probably going to upload these further towards the end of each month in future as that feels more logistical when giving an account of the month.

January will be a big month for Freya. She’s transitioned from a Brownie to Guides which feels like a huge jump. She remarked on the other girls being older and some even having high heels! I forget frequently that she’s actually ten now.

Right at the end of January Freya will be having her Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment. Something we’ve waited years for. I’m nervous and excited about that.

Freya is still just as obsessed with her iPad but has been banned for most of this month due to bad behaviour and rudeness. I am trying to teach her responsibility for her actions but failing miserably, most likely due to the autistic traits she has.

She has found a great love for Lego. Spending hours building the sets she was given for Christmas. It keeps her really calm actually and she gets so much joy from the creations she makes. I’d love to get her a bigger more tricky set to challenge her.

Freya is loving books. Specifically Diary of a Wimpy Kid which goes everywhere with her at the moment. I’ve also found her reading her bible at bedtime too which is very sweet. She’s reading it like a book and asking many questions about Christianity, some I’m struggling to answer myself.

Eva has adjusted to her new school really well. She’s been there for nearly two months now. I think she’s making friendships and regularly talks about the things she gets up to.

Eva has a witty attitude at the moment. She has an answer for everything and most of the time they are hard not to smile or be proud of. Her answers are so clever.

Since joining her new school class, Eva has found a real interest in Christianity. She regularly asks to say a prayer at the dinner table, or even in the car when we are stuck in traffic. I love that she is taking her own interest.

Unicorns, slime and drawing are a huge part of Eva’s life. She adores them. She’s also found a new love for Schleich toys which my mother in law will be very pleased about.

Eva has started swimming lessons this month, she loves it and even swam unaided for the first time during her first lesson. A new thing for her is having a tutor. We’ve noticed a few areas she struggles in with her reading and writing so we wanted to get her some extra support. We hope this gives her some more knowledge and support in her learning.

As always little Elsa has been a complex character. I’ve panicked a little bit as she stopped eating what I’d judge as a sufficient amount of food in a day. She’s a bit of a fussy eater and I had some concerns. Her food intake has definitely picked up by the end of this month though which is good.

Elsa also started swimming lessons with Eva. They have a two to one private session. We had lots of anxiety as Elsa hates doing anything unless it’s on her own terms. She loved her first lesson and was laughing and swimming the entire time.

Elsa seems to be a little social butterfly within her preschool. We had a meeting with her key worker who’s really impressed with how far she’s come since she started. It’s really reassuring as she used to find it a real struggle to interact with anyone but her immediate family.

Elsa loves to play roblox. I sit and watch her play all of the time and she’s really good! She also has a strong obsession with watching Paw Patrol episodes over and over again. Very mind numbing in my opinion.

Elsa starts school this September and I’m feeling gradually uneasy about it. She’s my third and final baby so I’m definitely cherishing every cuddle, she’s been my most snuggly baby which is great.

These two photos of my little tribe are from when Hubby agreed to getting special bath slime. It’s called Gelli Baff if anyone was wondering and dissolves back to water when you are finished. The girls absolutely loved it! It was also the only opportunity I’ve had to get a photo of all three together as like I said above, life has got a bit chaotic with clubs already. Family time is very limited.

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  1. I love how happy they all look in the slime – and what a good idea that it dissolves again!

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