Siblings 2019 – November

November was a full-on month in our household. We had so many weekends that were filled with fun thanks to my blog. We also saw ourselves thrown into Christmas which felt far too early.

Do you have your decorations up? We put ours up a few days ago after a visit to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland finally got us in that festive spirit. Anyway, here I am with our November roundup. Enjoy!

Freya has developed a really interesting teenage attitude. I dread to think what it’s going to be like in two years when she becomes a teenager. It’s one of those attitudes where she believes she’s right when she’s not but won’t back down and gets grumpy.

In the past month or so Freya has started to talk about boys in a way that she has previously been far too embarrassed too. It’s quite nice to see her growing up but of course, it’s slightly terrifying thinking about her having a little “crush”. 

Freya had a really good parent consultation this month too. She is so settled at the new school now and progressing well, it’s nice to hear that she’s made solid friendships and her academic achievements are improving too.

Eva has had a lively month. She just doesn’t seem to stop bouncing. Her teacher said to us “I bet she crashes at home after school because she’s always happy and bouncy”, Hubby and I laughed because she just continues her hyperactive behaviours at home too.

I always feel a little sad for Eva. She’s the “normal” child between two rather complex and difficult sisters, but she does take it in her strides. She’s always amazing support for Elsa who relies on her for so much. The school say they play together at break and lunch, like two peas in a pod.

Eva had a brilliant parent consultation, receiving all A’s for her subjects, even some A*. I have had some slight concerns with her reading and memory but right now she seems to be doing so well.

Where do I start for Elsa! This little lady had a paediatrician appointment at the beginning of November where we wanted her to be referred for the autism assessment. Thankfully it was agreed. Then a week later we had her paediatrician phone us with concerns that Elsa may have what’s called Selective Mutism. I will discuss this eventually in a dedicated blog post, but I agree and so she’s been referred to the Speech and Language team.

I’m beginning to learn better ways of coping with Elsa’s complex needs. When we go to parties she’s started to wear ear defenders and this has significantly helped her to be able to enjoy certain situations. This makes things so much easier for us all.

Elsa has found a real passion for drawing recently. We will find her regularly with paper and pens drawing little people (I like to call them baked bean people). They are adorable. She also loves writing her name over and over.

It’s been a hard month when I think of them all three together. They haven’t been able to happily play as a three for a while yet play so lovely when in pairs. Freya likes to spend a lot of time by herself doodling away in her bedroom yet Elsa craves being near somebody so that person is Eva. I think Eva is the filling to our sandwich. The one who bounces between her two sisters. 

I am finding that they are becoming easier to manage on days out. With Freya getting older, we are trying to give her more responsibilities. However, at home, it’s so noisy! Three girls is a screech fest.

I’m hoping next month I’ll capture some cute Christmas photos of the girls together. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and I’ll be back for a Siblings post at the end of December.

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