Siblings 2020 – December

With all the crazy that Christmas and December have been, I nearly forgot about our very last siblings post of 2020. Then I remembered that I took some cute Christmas day photos of the girls together and of course have hurried to get this up before the year is over.

I aim to continue doing these into 2021. It’s a great way to mark achievements in my girls’ lives individually. I look back often about the times I wrote letters to them each month, or on their birthdays. I do wonder why that tradition ended but have cherished these siblings posts even more.

It seems so crazy that this year is over. That we move into a fresh year. I try to have hope and goals but realistically 2021 seems like a scary unknown to me right now. 2020 has definitely taught me to take every day as it comes.

Anyway, here’s the last siblings’ post of 2020!


One rather big thing to happen for Freya this month was, of course, her birthday. On Christmas Eve she turned 12 years old. As my firstborn, it terrifies me with each year that she gets older. Being a mum for 12 years just seems bonkers.

We upgraded Freya’s bed a little earlier in the year which was her main birthday present, so her presents to open on her birthday seems so minimal. She didn’t seem to mind though.

With the government putting us into a Tier 4, we couldn’t head to my Mums to celebrate with family and have a fake Christmas birthday. However, she thoroughly enjoyed her birthday despite it being completely different and we enjoyed spending time together at home.

Christmas was another story though. She was so overwhelmed which lasted a good few days. I tried my best to be understanding of her feelings but sometimes the rudeness just can’t be excused. We battled on through and have seen a flip to her behaviour, thankfully, as we head into a new year.

Freya’s been receiving lots of great feedback from the school about her efforts in class, specifically in maths and art. It always touches my heart to know that she is doing well whilst at school especially as she’s found it all quite overwhelming. She masks so well which is both sad but reassuring. I have had to be in touch with the school to organise some extra support for her which will hopefully have a positive impact once she’s finally about to return in person.

Beneath the attitude and the outbursts of anger, I am super proud at how Freya has been coping with the changes of growing up.


Eva always puts on this tough girl outer shell but beneath that exterior is a super-sensitive soul. Every time I look at her my heart bursts, out of all three of my daughters Eva has been the one to find this year the toughest and it feels so unfair.

Literally, a few days before the end of the school term, Eva’s class was sent home to self-isolate due to being in contact with a staff member who tested positive. I joked a little about so nearly making it to the end of a term without being sent home, but inside I was petrified. It felt like she could be a ticking time bomb and I took her temperature regularly.

Being told to self-isolate and seeing some of her classmates and their families also testing positive in the days following, was that horrible reminder of how dangerous and quickly this virus spreads. Thankfully, as far as I’m aware, everyone has recovered well and our own family stayed well too.

We had two days of home learning which hit Eva like a tonne of bricks. The school had set some pretty tough stuff considering it was two days before the Christmas holidays! Eva thrives from being at school and the impending home learning in January is a real worry for us. It’s just another wave we have to ride on this adventure.

The photo I’ve used for her December picture is from the first day she was allowed to leave the house. Eva developed a little bit of an attitude being stuck indoors for 11 days (it might have been 12 actually) and so she was absolutely thrilled to get out for a winters walk around Emmetts Garden.

Another big thing happening for Eva is that she is having her suspected asthma investigated. For over a year now, she’s had an asthma pump to help with breathlessness and coughing when she is active. Eva is always active and bouncing about so it was quite frequent. I reached out to the GP because it seems to be worse. I started to think it might be an allergy to our cats as she was coughing/out of breath more at home than when we travelled or was away from the house.

The nurse asked me to do a coughing diary. Then prescribed her with a steroid asthma pump for 6 weeks and booked a blood test to check for allergies too. She is a few weeks into using the new asthma pump, I’ve seen a slight difference in her breathing and am looking forward to getting the blood test results in the New Year.


We had a little weekend on the Isle of Wight at the beginning of December and it was one of the first trips where Elsa wasn’t agitated by the change. Weirdly, being shut off from the normal hustle and bustle, having attractions less busy, and people keeping a distance has been a great thing for Elsa. It’s certainly not curing her selective mutism, but in these moments it’s helped and I can see the confidence growing in her.

Back in June this year, Elsa had to have a blood test and bone age x-ray. We waited such a long time for the results of the bone age specifically but I wasn’t too concerned. Freya had gone through the same tests when we were younger and everything had been fine. So that’s what I expected to be the results for Elsa too. 

Sadly, this hasn’t been the case and at the beginning of December, we finally were told her bone age results. When she had the x-ray she as 5 years and 8 months old, the bone age was 3 years. That’s nearly half of her actual age. Right at this moment, we have no further answers, the only thing we know is that she will be referred to a growth clinic and sent for a growth hormone test which will involve more blood tests. Just like Freya had.

Of course, I am worried about what this will mean for Elsa’s future. Whether she’ll need to have growth hormone therapy and injections or whether she’ll just be our dinky doughnut just like her mum. But as Hubby reminded me, what will be will be and everything will be ok in the end.

Elsa declared a few days before Christmas that she didn’t believe in Santa, that she believes in God. Hubby and I weren’t sure how to react to that, but I explained that I believe in both. She was still excited by Christmas but I wonder what next year will look like.


One brilliant thing about 2020, is that my girls have learnt to be with each other. To sort of respect each other’s need to have alone time but also to use each other as comfort too. Don’t get me wrong, they argue like cat and dog every single day but there are snippets of love occasionally that melt my heart.

It’s been a ruddy tough year for each of them individually, well for everyone actually, and I’m so glad I’ve had this trio of crazy to get me through the good and bad times. My little elf crew!

I’ve been taking part in the siblings’ project for five years now. It was a linky created by Lucy at Dear Beautiful. A blog that I have enjoyed reading since I started blogging in 2013.

Every year I would do a little round-up of the past 12 months but for some unknown reason, I didn’t do it last year.  So to end another year of Siblings, and to signify the end of what’s been a rather troublesome year, here’s a look back on my beautiful daughters over our 2020.

Lastly, I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year. Whatever it will bring, the tears and the joy. We can only live in hope!

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