Siblings 2020 – January

Welcome back to another year of the Siblings post. This project originated from Lucy at Dear Beautiful many years ago when blog linkys were a thing and I’m so grateful she started it. It’s a wonderful way to look back on each month.

January is a long month. There’s lots of talk about it feeling a bit heavy on the heart and never-ending. I must as it, it’s definitely felt like a long month and parenting three children who attend primary school in January has been hectic.

Anyway, let’s kick start 2020’s Siblings post.


I see my younger self in Freya in so many ways and it’s slightly terrifying. She’s like a pre-teen with raging hormones and emotions. Pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth these days has such attitude attached to it. I can almost hear the echoing voice of my Nan and Mum whispering “You wait until you have children!” Whoops.

Despite the hormones raging and scarily watching her grow before my eyes, Freya has been a great joy to be around too. We’ve enjoyed lots of special bonding time whilst building her Lego Hogwarts Castle. It’s interesting to get inside her brain and learn about the relationships she’s making, the lessons she’s having at school and getting an insight into her life a bit more.

Freya has been doing really well with her morning swimming lessons with the school. She’s a little fish! She has so much confidence under the water but not enough strength to keep her above the water at times. Despite her lessons being really early in the morning, I’m really enjoying watching them each week and seeing how much she’s pushing herself.


It’s been a hectic month for Eva. She’s started four new clubs; horse-riding (ok that was an old club but it’s a new riding centre and she had a year break), gymnastics before school, forest school and Make Believe. Make Believe is a performing arts group, it’s something that I truly believe she’ll be great at!

I have been feeling a little worried about Eva this month. There have been times when she’s been uncontrollable and bouncing off the ceilings. Then there’s other times when she’s super quiet. There’s been a lot of people poorly at school this month and Eva has a bit of a phobia of being ill so I don’t think that is helping the situation.

Homework has increased for Eva. It’s like the school started a new year and decided they’d twist the difficulty knob to high. Bless her. Eva thankfully has the personality that she always wanted to know more. It’s just getting her to have the motivation for homework that is tricky. We’ve decided to mainly use Eva’s tutor to help with homework as she has a way with Eva that makes her want to do her homework.


What a big month Elsa has had. Firstly, she went on her first big school trip. We waved her goodbye and it all felt a bit sudden. I swear she was a teeny baby screaming in my arms five minutes ago! Her little face peering through the window of the coach made my heart do somersaults. Elsa loved it, she had a brilliant time and still talks about the day out now.

This month Elsa has also had a couple of playdates that she’s gone on independently. I think because she’s my youngest daughter, I’m finding it hard to let go and watch her grow. Even things like getting her dressed in the mornings, I want her to do it all herself but part of me wants her to stay little and dependent on me forever.

Elsa is very gradually finding her confidence to speak to new people. She’ll randomly say hello to someone or ask someone their name, then she bottles up and goes shy again. I think I’ve told you about this before but the paediatricians have suggested that Elsa may have Selective Mutism, so we are adjusting the way we deal with Elsa’s behaviours based on that. It’s really helping.


These have got to be some of the cutest photos I’ve taken. I specifically asked them to pose for these photos. Asking the girls to pose can either go incredibly bad or slightly decent. Thankfully, this went well and they all cooperated without us having a fallout.

Okay, so my little ladies have been getting on relatively well lately. They are incredibly loud at the moment which I want to work on a little bit with them as I genuinely think they will be the reason I go deaf before I’m 30!

As always Freya prefers to spend time alone but is very helpful with her younger sisters. She makes their breakfast every morning and fetches them things when she’s asked to which is very useful.

Eva is our sandwich filling. She bounces between Freya and Elsa but mainly loves to spend time with Elsa. She has so much energy and is very different from both her sisters. I think that Eva is that bit of glue that gives the other two confidence in themselves.

Elsa is obsessed with Eva although if they have an argument she likes to tell Freya that she’s her best friend. It winds Eva up as you can imagine.

We’ve been focusing on playing board games as a family this month. A favourite is Jenga and also Guess Who. Of course their favourite thing to do as a group is their iPads.

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