Siblings 2020 – July

Over the past month, I have been incredibly proud of how my daughters have adapted to this new world. They have all had their struggles to overcome and seeing them fiercely rise to this challenge has been eye-opening. Children are so much more resilient than I thought.

This is a graduation month and a month to be thankful for.


I still can’t quite believe how Freya’s end of Year 6 has panned out. Back in January, we had a calendar full of events, overnight stays, performances and experiences. I’m trying my best not to dwell on what could have been and instead look at what she’s experienced because of the lockdown.

Back in March, we had no idea if she’d be able to go back to school and I’m so thankful she did. The school went above and beyond to make sure that everyone was safe. They made sure the Year 6’s had the closure to Primary school that they needed.

Over the past few weeks, there has been lots of fun going on at school. Freya has been enthusiastic about going to school and finishing off the year. Parents were even able to watch a Leavers Assembly performance and she had a campfire in the evening on the last few days too.

Freya has also had the opportunity to go to her Secondary school for a tour. They’ve been brilliant at helping SEN (special educational needs) children to have a smooth transition. This helped Freya get excited about secondary school. We’ve also bought her new uniform this month too.


It has been a really hard month for Eva. Lockdown restrictions have meant that she has watched her two sisters head off to school whilst her year group stayed home. I think at first we all thought this would be wonderful, some one on one time and a chance to focus on her home learning. But the reality was quite different.

Eva has a confident, loud and bubbly personality, but deep down she is the most sensitive of the three. There were many days over the three weeks she spent at home, where she was quiet and emotional. It broke my heart watching her wander around the garden looking genuinely lost. She cried many tears over the fact her Year 2 teacher wouldn’t be her teacher anymore and it was mentally draining for her.

Of course, I played with her and we baked together, we went out for breakfast a few times and fed the ducks. But my company is most certainly different from the company her sisters can provide. It was hard on her to come on the school runs every day and wave off her sisters to a place she thrives in. 

I was thrilled when the school invited the year groups still at home, into school for a Goodbye Picnic. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to reconnect and a bit of closure on the year too. Eva had the best hour and it meant a lot to her.

Eva was able to spend a couple of nights with her grandparents during the last week of the academic year. This kept her mind busy and she had a little furry dog companion too. This did her the world of good despite her Nanny getting her involved in so many jobs, she came back exhausted! It was just what she needed though and I’m very thankful.


Elsa started back to school at the very end of June. As you may be aware, Elsa has selective mutism, so returning to school was a daunting thing for her and us. We knew that being at home in her comfort zone wasn’t the best way for Elsa to overcome her anxiety disorder.

It’s been wonderful to see her adapt to her new Bubble Class with a new teacher. The new teacher had a breakthrough and Elsa speaks nearly freely with her, this is such a big deal!

Elsa has loved being back at school. She’s been drawing more and putting pen to paper, something she hardly did during the lockdown. It’s nice to finally have our creative girl back.

I’ve also been hearing of Elsa playing with other children and making friendships. I’m so glad we made the decision for her to return to school and I can’t quite believe that her Reception year is now over!


In their sibling dynamics, it’s been a weird old month. They’ve been able to connect in different ways and spend time apart as well as together. Honestly, July has been odd and I struggle to find the words to describe it.

I never look forward to the summer holidays, as they always feel long and chaotic but this time I’m excited. We did 13 weeks of isolation so these small 6 weeks are going to fly by. I’m hoping the weather will stay warm and we’ll be able to enjoy some carefully planned days out.

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