Siblings 2020 – June

Somehow my favourite photos of my daughters have included animals this month. I love it!

June has been an odd month of readjusting to whatever this new normal is right now. We have two of our girls back at school and the family dynamic seems a little broken. It’s been a good month and I am positive.


Freya started back at school first. We decided to wait a couple of weeks after the Government announced that children could return. I wanted to take my time in the decision and it was a difficult one to make.

Getting Freya back to school was by far the best thing we could have done for her. She has been enthusiastic and energetic about life. Previously it felt like a candle had been blown out and she was quite down. It’s nice to see her happy again, smiling and telling us about her day.

I have been encouraging more independence this month as Freya begins to prepare for her Secondary School in September. It seems crazy that I am filling in forms and buying new uniform. She’s still my little premature baby!


Now that we are doing a morning school run, we have been able to get outside for fresh air. It didn’t occur to me how much Eva was finding being at home hard, she’s always so happy, but seeing her running freely whilst we feed the ducks made my heart melt.

Virtual home learning has been quite tricky with Eva. She has little focus. Eva thrives in the school environment and it’s such a shame that she cannot be at school with her sisters too.

Eva has been enjoying video calls with her teacher and friends. We have also had a couple of socially distanced playdates this month, one that evening included a dog walk. 


This girl has been a challenge with regards to home learning. I can just about manage to persuade her to do some Reading Eggs on the iPad but putting an actual pen to paper has been tough. I’m not sure when she last did if I’m honest.

Elsa’s year group had returned to school but we had decided to keep her at home. In a way, it was to keep Eva company, but also because the younger years were not socially distancing so I was worried. After seeing Freya go back to school and thrive, I felt completely torn about my decision.

Eventually, we decided to send Elsa back to school. This is only her second day but I can see the benefits it will have for her. Educationally and socially. She has selective mutism so being at home was never going to help her. 


It’s been a weird month. We’ve had small snippets of being a family of five and then the majority of it, is a bit broken. Eva and Elsa have spent many days bonding together, we’ve visited the ducks and paddled in streams.

It’s been odd not having my girls as a three. Seeing them readjust to a weird new normal, snatching small pockets of time to be all together again. 

It definitely doesn’t feel like a new normal, it’s sort of like living in a limbo world right now. Literally taking every day as it comes, having no real routine or plan. It’s odd but my girls are troopers and they seem to be coping really well.

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