Siblings 2020 – October

October. A month of autumnal vibes for us. There have been rain, wind, sunshine, mud, pumpkins and cosy movies on the sofa. Typical autumn. We have also had the half term this past week (or two for Freya actually).

Part of me spent September and October dreading any phone calls from the school to tell us we’d have to be in isolation or something. But we got to the end of the first term back at school and I’m so grateful.

Trying a different layout for this month’s Siblings post. I do like to switch it up a bit don’t I? I hope you enjoy catching up with us.


Freya had a switch up of her school timetable at the beginning of October. After having a few weeks to settle and do her classes with her form group, the school put the children into classes based on their abilities and so the timetables had a switch up.

Freya then had to adjust to that. She’d been so happy and content before and this change suddenly affected her mood and behaviour. We had a few weeks of testing behaviours and mood swings galore. It was a little bit horrendous if I’m honest.

Starting secondary school has been a positive change for Freya though. She seems suddenly all grown up, her conversations are more mature and she’s overflowing with knowledge about the things she’s learnt.

Freya has started to make some new friends. Friendships don’t come easy for her as she lacks the understanding of the rules of friendship sometimes, but she’s talked fondly of some girls at school and I’m hoping it’ll blossom.

I do feel like I’m doing a lot of managing for Freya at the moment though, keeping her up to date with homework tasks and making sure she has the correct books each day. I had hoped she’d have learnt to take some responsibility for that by now but of course, I’m happy to carry on.


Eva has so much energy at the moment and has been testing my patience over the past week or so. I’ll tell her one thing and she chooses to ignore. That’s always a fun phase to go through. Thankfully, she’s never terribly bad behaved with it but it is rather cheeky.

I’ve been excited to see Eva’s friendships beginning to strengthen. As she was Elsa’s backbone on the playground last year, I think this stopped her from making friends of her own but she has been talking fondly of several kiddies in her class. I’m hoping I can help her on this journey by organising safe playdates as much as we are allowed to.

Over the past few weeks, Eva has been complaining of painful eyes and blurriness when she reads. We managed to get an eye appointment for her. She did so well answering all of the optometrist’s questions and reading through the letters. Eva is long-sighted and has been prescribed with some glasses for reading, iPad use and whilst in the classroom.

At first, Eva did her moody reaction about the situation but then I reassured her that she could pick any glasses she wanted, including rapunzel ones that I knew they had. So we headed out to try on the glasses. Eva has picked her perfect pair and she’s now much more positive about the situation. I’m so proud of her!


It’s been so eye-opening to see the positive changes that lockdown has given Elsa. She seems more confident than ever before, I’m watching her interacting with her school friends as she queues in the morning and she’ll randomly say hello to people too. This change is brilliant to witness.

Elsa has been working hard with her tutor each week. She only has half an hour and sometimes she’s not in the mood at all, but on the days she’s happy to participate she has been excelling. Our tutor shows me the work they do and it’s so wonderful to see her writing improving. It’s hard to get her to show us that side of her sometimes.

I have still been awaiting any updates on her bone age x-ray and the blood tests she had back in June. There is finally a phone call arranged with her paediatrician for early November so hopefully, I will start to have a better understanding. The tests were done to put her forward for growth hormone tests so it’s a little worrying to think of the things that could be coming up.

It feels like Elsa changes each month and that we get a better understanding of her too. She will always be a complex little character but she’s so much fun too. We have to remember to take her ear defenders with us when we go out especially to new places but thankfully with the current pandemic, things haven’t been as busy or overwhelming recently.


With Freya heading rapidly into her teenage years, I’ve starting to see the separation of my girls a little clearer. I had always hoped that my three girls, being all girls, would be the very best of friends. But it’s not turned out like that. Freya spends a lot of time in her room and is struggling to relate to her younger sisters now.

Eva and Elsa have always been like two peas in a pod. They are always together and rely on each other in different ways. Eva uses Elsa as a little play buddy, and Elsa turns to Eva to help give her confidence. They are the definition of best friends, always there for each other.

Despite the divide, I can see how close they all are deep down. We are a tribe after all.

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