Siblings 2020 – September

I think I say this each time I write the Siblings Post, but it’s been one crazy month. In a weird way, it feels like 2020 has gone by so quickly yet has dragged in the hardest of ways.

September, of course, is the start of a new school year and I feel like we are getting into our new routine. I picked these photos because they really represent our current life. I hope that one day masks will be a thing of the past though.

So here’s how my girls have been this month.


Freya has started Secondary School. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see how Freya has suddenly become more grown-up and independent. Secondary School has certainly been a big adjustment for everybody but Freya is taking it in her stride. One huge difference has been how happy she is in the mornings, she’s excited about school and that’s something I’m not used to!

Another big thing to happen for Freya is starting her period. I don’t want to talk too much about it as it’s not my news to share but at the same time, I wanted to document the occasion too for my own memories. We’ve stocked up on special teen products and I’m glad we have an open relationship and conversations about this. I want to make sure she knows how normal this part of her life is.

We upgraded Freya’s bedroom too. I will be filming a room tour once she’s managed to put all of her stuff in new places. Basically, she already had a mid/high-ish sleeper bed but it wasn’t tall enough for her to sit under at a desk. With the sheer amount of homework coming in, we decided it was time to give her a high sleeper with a desk and wardrobe built-in. It’s transformed her room and I’m so excited to see how she finishes it off.


Getting Eva back to school was really exciting. She’d had nearly 6 months at home, some of that spent watching her sisters head off to school. I thought we may experience some separation anxiety, but actually she’s been so eager to get back to learning.

The adjustments of school has definitely piped up a bit of an attitude within her during the first few weeks. We’ve been battling a little bit. I think it’s come from over tiredness and adapting to social situations again. But she’s settling well and my upbeat girly is returning.

For the first time ever, we’ve had to send Eva’s asthma pump into school. Usually she manages quite well but she’s such an active and on the go lady, that shes found herself a bit out of breath lately. We’ve a second pump into the school for precaution.


I’ve seen that many people who have a child with selective mutism, have reported lockdown being a benefit. We are in that group of people. Elsa’s been settling in so well at school already, speaking to her teachers and friends more freely than ever before. It’s wonderful to witness.

Elsa needed the structure of school, lockdown was hard and getting her engaged was even harder. School gives her routine and an expectation. She is finding Year 1 to be more intense than her Reception year and the work is increased too with less play. But she’s taking it in her stride.

Elsa turned 6 years old at the end of this month. I know each year that I say how quickly it’s going by, but every time Elsa celebrates a year it feels even more bittersweet. My last baby to turn 6! She loved her birthday day, even though it was spent at school, and even allowed us to whisper-sing happy birthday to her. A big achievement in this household.


I’m seeing a bit divide in my girls this month. It saddens me. As Freya is definitely speeding through her childhood and heading into the teenage years, she’s spending more time away from her younger sisters. She doesn’t relate to them anymore and friendships/relationships have always been something Freya finds a struggle to understand.

The other two, Eva and Elsa, are stronger than ever! I think that as they are no longer on the same playground for break and lunch, they have lots more time apart to be their own people. This has brought the relationship closer and they spend nearly every moment within each other’s company. Two peas in a pod.

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