Siblings December 2015 – Looking Back On The Year

It has been a full year of taking part in the Siblings project that Lucy at Dear Beautiful hosts. When I first decided to take part I was excited to see how the girls grow not only in themselves but with each other too. I now have 12 photos of my three daughters together and it’s made me really smile to see them all again.












Here we are at December. Slightly taller, slightly longer hair and 12 months older! They are all so individual with crazy personalities that make us laugh each day and of course cry on the occasion too. As we go into 2016 their bonds are pretty close. Mainly P1 and P2 being close, and P2 and P3 very close. They are still struggling to include P3 in games but I know as she gets older that will hopefully change.


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  1. what a lovely round up! I can’t wait to take part this year! x

  2. This is such a lovely post! Mad how much they grow isn’t it! x

  3. Lovely collection of photos and a great way to round-up the year! Sounds like a great project x

  4. Aww what lovely pictures. I’m planning on on joining in with this one next year. Wish I had started sooner x

  5. These are gorgeous photos, I can’t wait to take part when baby number 2 arrives. My faves are May, September and December. Xx

  6. Oh how lovely – I must join in this year, I am looking for a new photo linky. Gorgeous photos. Kaz x

  7. Brilliant photos. I do something similar but mine is a photo of my girls together every week. I say this only because I know how FLIPPING DIFFICULT it is to get them both to keep still long enough for me to take a photo!! You have done a fabulous job in getting such beautiful photos of all three of yours. And what a lovely way to look back at your year.x

  8. Ah what a lovely set of photos to have, I am taking part in the Me and Mine project with Dear Beautiful and I love having a set of 12 photos now of us as a family. Very special .

  9. I am so pinching this idea! It’s so cute to see how they have grown in little snapshots like this.

  10. Lovely photos! You can see how close they are and the sibling bond they have. Look how tiny P3 is in the first photo! So cute! x

  11. Aww I love this idea. I have 3 boys so am opposite to you and think I might have to join in this in the new Year. I love being able to look back at photos of them together x

  12. I love this idea! The pictures are gorgeous and it’s lovely to see how they’ve all grown and developed. Beautiful girls.x

  13. Awwww! Such lovely pics. What a great year 🙂
    His makes moving from two to three children look fab xx

  14. Oh what a beautiful recollection of your year with siblings. Especially seeing how much P3 has grown, it’s so easy to forget that they were once such tiny babies!

  15. Aww, such a cute collection of photos from your year. P3 has changed so much hasn’t she? And I think it’s lovely how alike they all are, but also how you can see their different personalities. Thanks for taking part this year. x

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