Siblings July 2015

When I see photos of all three of my daughters together I struggle to see similarities between them. They all have the same hair colour. The same big eyes. But they are so different. P1 is the image of me, P3 is the image of Hubby but P2 is a bit of an odd bod. She looks like Hubby more than me but there’s definitely a mix.


There’s quite a big divide forming between them. As much as they do love and care for each other, they all bicker like cat and dog. Even the baby! It isn’t what I wanted for them all. I wanted them to be thick as thieves. I wanted to capture moments of them snuggling together on the sofa in each other’s arms. But they’re just not like that and whilst it’s very tiring to have to keep reminding them that it’s not ok to smack your sister on the head (P2) or snatch toys (P1 & P3), if this is the way they have their bonds then I can’t exactly force anything else. I’ll just guide them in the hope they’ll find a better path and a happy understanding.

The loving, caring and tender relationship between all three was sort of glued together with the love they showed towards P3. It was something they had in common. But since P3 has been able to destroy their games the divide has started to show a bit more. Nothing is safe, their food, their games, their toys and even when they’re resting.

They each have very different personalities. I love them all in different ways yet the same amount. They make me want to scream and cry but they are so utterly adorable at times. I feel so proud of all of them, that I created these beautiful little humans.


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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    They look so alike and so cute together.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. I think they all look so similar but I agree that it’s so much harder to see it in your own children. They are beautiful, you must be very proud of them. x

  3. I can see the similarities in them so clearly but I agree with Louise, it’s harder in your own children. I can’t see any of me in my three and yet other people can – perhaps it’s because we spend more time looking at others and we’re not so familiar with how we look to another person, only our reflections?

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      That’s an interesting thought. I definitely see me in P1 without a doubt but the other two are still little aliens.

  4. Beautiful photos of your little trio – I can see the likeness between all three of them although I think sometimes it is harder to see it in your own children – I certainly struggle to see family likenesses that others seems to see much more easily in my two! Sibling bonds can vary so much – maybe your girls will become closer as they get older. I used to bicker a lot with one of my sisters when I was younger and whilst we don’t always agree as adults, we are closer now that I think we were back then. #siblings

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It’s reassuring to know that maybe one day they will be best friends. I know, everyone says they look so alike.

  5. Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

    Awwwww. Such lovely girls and pictures. I think they all look alike hehe. You can tell from the pictures that they love each other even if they do sometimes don’t show it xx

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