Siblings June 2015

So it turns out that the 15th has really creapt up on me. When I decided to religiously join in with this linky I wanted to have a dozen photos to look at come December that I could one day make into a canvas of some sort. As much as I love natural photos of my girls, I have come to really adore the photos that are more planned and taken with great light and in semi-decent positions. We actually send them off to our Grandparents as memorabilia.

Well this month, and the fact we’ve had a horrendous weekend, I just haven’t got round to doing this months photo shoot and with the weather so blooming nice last week I’m wondering why I didn’t. I have, however, got a few pretty beautiful shots from my phone that I’m sharing this month. They’re natural and I am pretty happy with them to be honest. I even captured a few very rare moments of P1 and P2 sharing a cuddle.

siblings june1

P1 and P2 are really struggling in their relationship. I think I’ve had this vision of them being so close, so loving and the best of friends and to be quite frank, I don’t think they’re cut out for that relationship. Although the majority of the time they tolerate each other and of course there’s moments that make my heart melt and my eyes cry with joy, there’s generally more moments when they’re arguing like cat and dog.

Saying that though they are both so kind and doting to P3. I see the relationships blossoming although completely understand that very soon those dynamics will change drastically with P3 being able to get in their games and destroy their toys.

siblings june

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  1. This is the second post I’ve read where siblings are struggling with a bond. Mine too! I know that their relationship will evolve and change though so I hope they get closer.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Everythings changing now that P3 is crawling. P1 and P2 have always struggled since she started crawling.

  2. It’s interesting that they dynamic has changed with P1 being at school; we’re about to go into that phase and I know that it will change how my three interact; I suspect Pip and Elma will get closer and I hope that Kitty won’t feel left out. I’m also wildly impressed with the girls’ hair – that’s some very impressive plaiting!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      P1 is never here in the day to play. When she is P2 desperately wants to play with her but sometimes P1 wants to rest, or play something else.

  3. I have a 22month age gap between my girls, and as there is 6 years between me and my sister I was hoping they’d have a better relationship with us. The youngest started to walk a couple of weeks ago and since then they have started playing with eachother much more – though I’m dreading the time where clothes/ shoes/ make-up being an issue haha.

    Sometimes the photo’s we have on our phones are the better ones, because they’re spontaneous and not staged.



    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      There’s 4 yrs between P1 and P2 and just 19months between the other two. I think school plays a huge part in the relationship gap at the moment. P1 is hardly here to spend time with.

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