Siblings March 2015

In true fashion, I left taking our sibling photos until the last minute, today to be precise, and typically things didn’t go to plan. I wanted my sibling photos to not only represent them as sisters but to be adventurous and ones to keep in the family album.

My plan was to take them outside as the weather has been warmer and brighter lately, onto the grass on a blanket and photograph them in various positions together. Last night I was woken up by the sound of torrential rain on the windows so I knew that had scuppered my ideas for photos, I should have done them yesterday when it was bright. This morning has been the dullest of mornings we’ve had in a long time. Even with the lights on everything is still so gloomy!

I set up an area in the lounge for photos but I’m lacking the right equipment like white sheets or fluffy blankets etc so the photos came out pretty awful. I even tried them in their bedroom which is the brightest room of the house. The best I could get was to turn them into black and white images so I apologise for the lack of colour this month.


With regards to my siblings though, this month their bond has grown incredibly. P1 actually plays with P2 now and although there are hundreds of arguments they do generally play quite nicely.

P1 is very grown up and is becoming a lovely big sister to both of them. They have their own routine together, P1 will always get P2 her breakfast along with her own and they sit with each other every morning.


P3 is happiest in the mornings when she’s watching her big sisters play. She spends the whole day just staring at their games and is completely adored by P1 and P2. She’s a very lucky little girl. They all are!

Although I do see a huge separation between them all, especially when they argue, as a whole they are just making me so proud! They have sort of fell into each other like a jigsaw and I couldn’t imagine them ever being separated in the future. I have visions of them all heading off to the pub, or to a cinema together and gossiping about boys as they do each others hair and makeup. I want and hope they’ll be best of friends. All three of them forever.

siblings march 2015

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  1. Oh Jodie these are absolutely stunning- my favourite is the one of them both cuddling their little sister in bed. Just absolutely beautiful and they look amazing in black and white too. x

  2. You shouldn’t apologise for these photos – they are absolutely gorgeous images! x

  3. I think you got some fantastic shots there! All really natural. I kinda wish there were some photos of me and my siblings like this 😀

  4. Aww my heart melted at the middle picture. I love the fact you chose black and white and the sunny days will come, you did amazing!! A trio of cuties!

  5. Katy (What Katy Said)

    These are just beautiful!! What gorgeous girls! #Siblings

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      That you Katy. I wasn’t happy with these photos at first but after taking a step back and seeing everyone’s lovely comments, I’m beginning to love them.

  6. Such gorgeous photos! I can’t wait for my two to be so close. At the moment my eldest won’t hold the little one haha! x

  7. I love these photos, and I think you got some great shots even if it wasn’t exactly how you planned. I would love to try the last one myself but I don’t think H would like it with M and A on him. x

  8. ourlittleescapades

    It is such a dull day today, where did the sun go! I love the last photo x

  9. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I love the last picture of them on top of one another – so lovely.

    Lizzie Dripping

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