Siblings May 2015

I asked P1 today what she thought about being a sister and her answer was just one word, fun! I realised that through all the problems we’ve been having with them individually, as sister’s they do spend a lot of time laughing.


I want the three of them to be absolute best friends but right at the moment P1 and P2 have a very different bond than the one they each have with P3. That’s the thing that remains the same. They both utterly adore P3 shown in different ways. P1 is very helpful and wants to assist her with everything which usually results in a crying P3 but the thought is clearly there. Then there’s P2 who is trying to involve her baby sister in her play and always so gentle.

PicMonkey Collage

This month P3 is more mobile. More sturdy. She’s desperate to join in with all the games and fun but can’t. It’s so cute to watch her reach for her sisters and try to take toys. P2 is so kind and will more often than not just allow her sister to do this but there’s times when she gets jealous. If P3 gets new toys then they automatically become P2s, I think it’s an age thing because the toys are things P2 had when she was a baby or she’s able to play with now.

P1 and P2s games together have become more imaginative and creative. When P1 goes to school P2 is frequently asking after her and telling me about the games she wants to play when P1 gets home, and that’s exactly what they do from the moment she walks in. They play all evening and all day. Of course they argue a ridiculous amount and I end up wondering if they’ll ever love each other, but then they do the cute and magically moments of adoration for each other which melts my heart. I could listen to their giggles and watch their smiles forever.


I love my sibling photos for this month. They were taken today, late as usual, but they are beautiful and have really captured the girls well. I think they all look so different yet so similar. P2 is nearly the size of P1 already! P3 is definitely a little mix of her older siblings, certainly more hair than P2 but they have the same colour and shape eyes.


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  1. ourlittleescapades

    I love your photos the second one is so cute. It sounds like they have a great relationship. Fun is a good word x

  2. Aww these captures are just stunning. I love them. I adore the one of them upside down and the bed. So beautiful having three girls xx gorgeous #siblings

  3. Oh I love that they think having sisters is fun! That’s probably the one thing we really want for them at the end of the day isn’t it. I love your pictures, they are all such beautiful girls!

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