Siblings November 2015

Family dynamics are changing. Our littlest is walking and causing lots of disruption. P1 loves that her baby sister is now able to play and the games they play are much more varied. However, P2 is struggling to come to terms with the situation. Her baby sister is now even more into destroying her games than ever before.

Today we took the Toddlepak that P2 had when she was starting to walk, and we went for a walk around Beaver Water World. P3 has been gradually growing in confidence with her walking but this was the first proper outing and time on her reins. Apart from getting absolutely caked in mud from the recent rain fall and using shoes for the first time, she loved it.

I was able to capture a very little glimpse of our future today. It’s going to be chaotic! Keeping a check on all three at once. But I think it’s going to be fun. P2 really enjoyed holding onto the reins and taking her sister for a walk which was a really lovely treat to see that side of their relationship again.

I am still struggling, even a year on, to find a happy balance between the time I spend with each one. I am increasingly aware of how much time P3 needs and how things are rapidly being all about her and not P1 or P2. I am so thankful that P1 and P2 have a very close bond now. Of course they still squabble but the majority of the time they flourish in each other’s company. P2 especially gets so excited when it’s afternoon school run time.

I am so excited for next months siblings photos. If I remember to take them NOT last minute, they should feature Christmas jumpers and tinsel. Yay!

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  1. Gosh, they’re gorgeous. They remind me of little elfin children and I love seeing pictures of them; your girls make me VERY broody for a little girl of my own!

  2. I too am looking forward to sibling pics next month. It seems to be the only time of year they will cooperate now lol x

  3. The Mummy Adventure

    So sweet! I am dreading when Finn starts to walk although P1 looks so proud of her little sister

  4. Oh this is adorable! It must be really tough for you but so worth it I’d imagine! xx

  5. Oh, how adorable. I think it’s a great idea to take photographs of them together every month to document them growing up. I stupidly committed to taking photos of mine every week. It’s lovely to look back on but getting two toddlers to stay still for long enough to have their photo taken every single week.. huge error 😉

  6. I find it a balancing act just with 2! Looking forward to seeing Christmas jumper photos, that will be cute!

  7. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

    This is just adorable. I can see our dynamics changing every day now the little one is on the move and after the big ones toys!

  8. Ah what cuties! I find it fun chasing after two never mind three, all good fun though! I always look at larger families and think how fab it must be to have lots of siblings x

  9. Relationships dynamics change in time, once P3 starts to talk, I do think things will get a bit easier for everyone.xx

  10. How cool is this? It must be really hard but also rewarding having three little one’s! 🙂

  11. It is such a juggling act, I am a mum to 3 (2 & 3 twins) and you need more than 1 pair of eyes! However it is beautiful seeing their little bond and them growing up together.

  12. lovely pictures to have documented – I think I need to join in with the siblings project. I agree that it is hard to find the right balance of individual time with each child – its tough!

  13. Awww bless them. I bet it is difficult to split your time between the 3 of them. I’m sure the future will be chaotic but what family isn’t. I think that’s what makes it so much fun and enjoyable xx

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