Siblings September 2015

All of my close friends have boys or at least one of each. I have girls. Three girls, three hair styles to create and at the moment three dresses. There’s going to be four sets of “the time of the month’s” and makeup, shoes and boyfriends.

siblings september 15

My girls really are very different to one another. P1 is slim, wobbly and is naughty. P2 is sturdy, a dare devil and shy in new surroundings. P3 has a temper, is clingy and routined. They’ve all had very different arrivals and to be honest I’ve parented them very differently.

They are all equally emotional and attention seeking girls that are probably going to cause us headaches as they grow but I love having girls. I can’t imagine a life that includes a son. I really love all the pink and the girly giggles, buying dresses and Barbies and dolls. I really hope that I’ll be their best friend as they grow older.


This month I’ve seen a closer bond start to form between them all but at the same time there’s a bit of fiestyness between P2 and P3 too. Where P3 is more confident and copying things there has been a clash. P2 seems to think it’s her invitation to pull, push, drag, poke and shout at her baby sister. P3 holds her own though and shouts back or pushes her away. Where that relationship has slightly deteriorated in parts, P1 and P2 are very close now. P2 uses P1 as her comfort and P1 really enjoys helping her sister with practically everything, even going to the toilet and getting dressed. Of course they squabble, but they also laugh and play all day long. I’ve even found P2 trying to sleep with P1 as comfort at night.

I’m wondering if maybe October’s Siblings post will show a toddling P3. Relationships may alter further and adapt into something new. I am quite excited about the future with my daughters.

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  1. My youngest has a wicked temper. I used to worry that her big sister (middle child) would be bossy over her, but like yours – Martha Grace can look after yourself and doesn’t take any nonsense. As a parent it’s amazing watching their friendships form isn’t it. xxx #siblings

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