“Since starting our new routine bedtimes have been a breeze!”

Since starting our new routine bedtimes have been a breeze!

We haven’t followed the routine strictly but we start bedtime at about 6:30pm. By this time P2 is very tired as she’s still used to being sleepy nearly straight after dinner. I don’t bath every day, we bath every few days now but I give P2 her milk in my arms whilst P1 reads to me. We have the lights dimmed and it’s quite nice to just sit, cuddle and read in their bedroom.

They are both in bed by 7pm. P1 used to be allowed to have her nightlight on or the lights low until I brought her sister up for bed. Now we have lights off and no talking allowed. She surprisingly hasn’t kicked up a fuss about it. I’ve put P2 down in her cot and P1 snuggles down into her bed. I do have to feed P2 the rest of her bottle whilst she’s in the bed otherwise she turns over, spins around and stands up in her cot far too many times. I’m a strong believer that no one should go to bed crying!

The great thing about this new bedtime is that P1 is always asleep before I’ve finished with P2. Meaning when I leave the room I have two little girls snoring away in dreamland. Perfect! I have to admit that the downside to this is that they now both wake at 7am or a little earlier. Something I’m not used to but definitely need to adjust to because the new school change will mean a half hour walk to school resulting in an early morning.

Most, but not all, P2 has slept from 11-7 without a peep! She’s still quite unsettled between 7-11pm but I haven’t actually gone up to her for the whole time we’ve been on this routine. She’s managed to settle herself or it’s been just a quick shout out probably as she’s changed positions.

We’ve had some pretty good nights of sleep recently. I’ve probably just jinxed that but hey ho. I’d definitely recommend getting into a routine!

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