Sleep Parenting

There’s research that says a co sleeping mother will regulate their baby’s temperature, breastfeed whilst asleep and many other wonders. My OH has witnessed P2 stir slightly, and then I would stir too.

The scariest thing for me though has happened several times and its happened when I’ve not been co sleeping. I’ve woken up several times to find P2 in our bed with absolutely no recollection of me getting up to bring her from her cot. Which, may I add, is the other side of the bedroom!!

Our bedroom isn’t the tidiest which makes the situation a little scarier. I dread to think what would happen if I dropped her? Forget sleep walking, I’m sleep parenting! And I’m not sure I like that.

Clearly I know what I’m doing, but its a situation with a lot of what ifs. I think there’s a lot of those with cosleeping in general, but they are what ifs I’m willing to risk because I quite like cosleeping, and so does P2. Don’t ask my OH his opinion though… Hence why I’m having to get her from her cot.

Has anyone else experienced doing parenting in their sleep?
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