Sleepynico Serene Garden Baby Carrier Review

For months I have struggled to babywear. My first carrier contained far too much fabric for my petite frame. The second sling was much better, something I could get on with but felt the constant need to support P2 with my hand.

Then came the Serene Garden Sleepynico carrier.
20131030-123407 pm.jpgFirst of all, isn’t it just beautiful? The fabric is amazing and so unusual compared to other baby carriers. Sleepynico have a variety of designs to choose from and even a service where you can make your own!

The carrier itself is made from organic cotton and the straps are made from fairtrade cotton cord. The straps have a velvety feel to them, are very soft and also padded. This is the same for the waist band fastenings which makes this carrier very comfortable to wear.
20131030-124138 pm.jpgThe carrier is suitable for front and back wearing although I’m far too nervous to try the back position. When P2 was fixed inside she was within kissing reach and I loved that! She also seemed very comfortable.
20131030-124829 pm.jpgThe carrier is fastened by clips, like buggy buckles, and are very easy to adjust however do not loosen at all. The only part I seem to struggle with is clipping the back piece together when P2 is inside, but I think it’s about practise for that as I can undo it fine.
20131030-125345 pm.jpg

20131030-125356 pm.jpgThe Sleepynico carrier has a special flap that comes up and over the back of baby’s head to support it when they have fallen asleep, or when the wind is a little nippy. It attaches via velcro on the shoulder pads. I love how the fabric is different when you lift it up.

I ventured out with the Sleepynico yesterday and we did quite a bit of walking. Not once did I feel the need to stop and rest due to a bad back, hips or shoulders. The whole carrier is just so comfortable to wear and I think it’s due to the padding and the close fit around the waist. I think the carrier is also very fashionable!
20131030-010124 pm.jpg

When wearing the carrier it feels so secure. I don’t need to hold onto her anymore which means I have my hands free to do chores and play with P1 when we are out. I really know that this is now going to be a very significant addition to our family life especially as it’s suitable for up to 15kgs, that’s actually more than P1 weighs and she’s nearly 5!!!!

This would make a lovely present for a pregnant family member or friend. You can buy your own carrier via the Sleepynico website for £75.

(This product was sent free of charge by Sleepynico for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are of my own)

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Very comfortable baby sling perfect for babywearing. Made by hand and very reliable.

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  1. Love the fabric!!Wish ophelia liked being faced in!xx

  2. That looks so gorgeous and sounds fab from a comfort perspective too. Absolutely love the fabric as well x

  3. Great review! If you haven’t tried it already, cross the straps at the back rather than use the chest strap. It should be easier to do up and might be comfier too.

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