Slow Up Speed Down

In April we find out whether P1 has got into the school we chose.

For a lot of parents they’ll be wondering which school their children got into. You are meant to put three choices but we hated the other schools in our catchment area so only put one down. We’ll have to appeal if she doesn’t get in!

Anyway, the date is fast approaching for my biggest little girl to fly the nest and become that little bit more independent. She’s already far too independent and clever for my liking and she already attends nursery so I’m used to her not being around but starting school is on a different level.

She’ll be doing real learning, making real friends and becoming a real child. It’ll shape her personality even more and she’ll grow to have new hobbies and new likes and dislikes. She’ll have her own responsibilities within the school environment. She’ll have to feed herself and take herself to the toilet. She’ll be grown up in a little persons body.

I desperately want everything to be perfect for her. I was bullied at school for being small or not keeping up with the latest craze. P1 is small but she makes up for it with her very outgoing, bubbly personality. A bit like me really; we both have attitudes.

I definitely feel like the years are just rolling past. And now the weeks are zooming too with P2! Where’s the switch for slow speed?!

I mean just look how big P2 is aleady…

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