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Weaning can be such a scary stage of development for any parent but I believe specifically if you are a new mum with no previous experience. That’s why I have teamed up with SMA Nutrition to be part of a blogging team that is there to support and guide you through the tough, exciting and messy times of weaning along with celebrity mum Sheree Murphy. There’s going to be some short videos with fantastic recipes and tips.

I am at Stage 3 of our weaning journey. P3 is 12 months old and although I have gone down the baby led weaning route with her, the things she is able to eat are certainly becoming more adventurous and exciting. Stage 3 is all about your baby learning to feed themselves, being able to eat as a family and of course the dreaded eating out.

With P1 and P2 this stage was a mixture of being really worrying but also the point where mealtimes became less effort, more mess and lots more fun. Watching your child get messy and eat the things you eat rather than cooking several meals each day was a great achievement.

I think the main worry side of this stage of weaning for me is whether my girls were getting enough vitamins and nutrients from their meals, especially when we had meals out or with family where I couldn’t monitor the food she was actually eating. By cooking some handy little bites or preparing food that can be popped into a container in your bag means that there is always something healthy, nutritious and fulfilling for your new eater to have.

As you heard on the above video, Sheree has challenged me to create some Chicken & Apple Balls for P3. I’m really nervous and excited about cooking these as it’s not something I’ve tried to give P3 before and I’m wondering how she’ll react. There’s been lots of foods she’ll gobble down and some she won’t even touch. I will be posting about how we got on very soon and maybe you can give it a go with your little one too?

All of SMA Nutrition’s weaning recipe videos can be viewed here along with tips and advice on the weaning journey.

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