Snapstar Doll Review

I was made aware of the Snapstar dolls recently when we received a lovely package through the door. It was very pink and exciting. It felt a bit naughty opening a gift this close to Christmas. Eva kept saying to me “are you sure?” but this sort of thing is the exciting part of being a blogger.

There are six Snapstar dolls to collect, we had been gifted Yuki and Echo. As I said, I’d never heard of the dolls before so I was equally excited to figure out who they are and what they do.

They are a fun new range of dolls based on the social media world of fashion, beauty, music, photography and design. These dolls are suitable for ages 3 years and above.

Each doll is 25cm tall, comes with an interchangeable hairstyle (basically the hair pops off, it was a little creepy when we first discovered this), accessories and a green screen with stand.

The dolls have lots of joints and movable areas which make striking the pose super easy. You can buy separate accessory kits so that you can keep changing their outfits.

Snapstars has a free app to download which allows you to do more with your dolls. You can style, pose and take their photo in the app. The app then allows you to add stickers, change the colour of their hair and so much more.

I loved that the app is available on both my iPhone and the girls iPads, as I didn’t like the idea of them taking my phone regularly. We all know children have butterfingers!

I expected the girls to get bored of their Snapstar dolls, they don’t tend to play with this type of toy very often. But they ended up playing imaginative games together for such a long time. I think the fact that there are lots of options with the dolls.

Each doll costs £17.99. Very have them on offer this Christmas so grab a last-minute bargain!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Our tickets and Reward Lounge experience was gifted.

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