Snow Day In Kent 2018

I’m here with yet another photo heavy blog post. In case you’ve been under a rock, snow has hit the UK this week and I’m loving it! You all know how much I hate the winter but this specific weather is one that I adore so much. It’s so pretty and so much fun.

I was so excited to see the snow forecasted. I’ll admit that I sent Hubby to grab some extra milk at the weekend, then Monday came and it was a little disappointing to only see a dusting of the white stuff. Then yesterday happened, we woke up to a magical winter wonderland and I couldn’t have been happier. Until the schools stayed open so off we went on the school run.

“This is the best school run ever!” Exclaimed P2 many times on our walk to school. We left early to allow the girls time to throw snowballs, walk slower than usual, P3 also wanted to walk and everyone with a 3 year old will know that takes an age! Our usual 15 minute school run walk took 40 minutes, P1 slipping onto her bottom once, P3 sliding over twice and P2 feeling rather smug that she had stayed on her feet. It was great fun!

Somehow I managed to get P1 and P2 to school and still arrive first, as always. Then it was a slippery walk up a hill to drop P3 off at nursery. Honestly, where I live is full of hills which makes it quite chaotic for silly drivers who do not own a 4×4 and think they’ll still make it. I was first at the nursery, that doesn’t usually happen as I need to do the school run first, and it all seemed really quiet. My walk home was just spectacular though, I took in the pure magic of the snow as I carefully took myself home to the warmth.

The kittens are gradually going out now supervised and they’d been watching the snow outside. In fact, they’d gone a little barmy about it so I decided to let them out to explore. They loved it!! Jake bounced around like a nutter and Billy even began chasing the snowflakes too. Hubby went to clear our beloved Range Rover from the inches of snow that had piled up overnight.

It began to snow rather heavy and at 11:20am we received the email I’d been waiting for to say that the nursery was closing and can we pick the children up. With the snow falling pretty hard and heavy, we made the decision to brave going by car. Luckily we had no issues, no slipping or getting stuck like others but the main road was gridlock! I also phoned the school who said they were about to close too so that was pretty good timing. This is where the majority of the photos begin…

We spent a good hour, possibly more actually, just playing out the front of the house. The girls and I were irresponsibly running around the road, the little car park and having the best time. Honestly, there’s something special about a snowfall day. The girls made snow angels, we threw many snow balls and P2 helped Hubby clear the path and road with a few of the neighbours. It felt amazing!

It’s technically yesterday as I’m writing this, and we are expected to have more snow over night and tomorrow (today for you reading this) which I’m excited about. I hope the school is shut so we can have more fun, possibly venture a little further on our snow fun too.

Have you had snow? Do you love it or loathe it? Leave me a comment below. Oh and head over to Instagram because I’m now doing Instagram Stories and I’d love to see you there.

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  1. Kent is just so beautiful in the snow, although I wish I was lucky enough to have a 4×4!Some great photos. I hope the kitties have been able to warm their feet up.

  2. Aww the children look like they are having so much fun, and so do the kittens!

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