A Snowy Evening In January

Snow had been forecasted for a few days but where I live it was only meant to be a few hours of it so I tried not to excite myself. I especially kept the weather predictions away from the girls.

I spent most of yesterday peeping out of the window every hour. Checking for those tiny magical flakes of snow falling from the sky. And then it happened. I checked out of our window and there before my eyes was a blanket of snow across the floor, our car and falling quite heavily from the black sky.

I squealed to the girls to check out of their window. Their excited shouts and jumping up and down was just heart melting. I listened to their plans of building snowmen and throwing the fluffy snow at each other in the morning. It made me feel slightly sad if I’m honest and within a few seconds I announced that we’d head outside for some fun now.

The girls were half dressed, it was 6pm and I was wearing a dress. We all hurried round in a bit of a frenzy as if the snow would melt in those desperate seconds. Leggings were put on, socks on, gloves found, their all in one rain coats pulled on and little feet shoved into wellies. We headed out of the door and across the road to the greeny space we love to go in better weather.

P3 was quite little the last time it snowed so this was her first real understanding experience of the ice falling from the sky. There was confusion, excitement and terror all in one facial expression. She ran up and down for a little while, then stopping and seemed a bit taken aback by the snow landing on her face. She ended up going back indoors with Hubby pretty quickly.

I stayed outside with P1 and P2 for much longer. We threw snow at each other, P2 made a snow angel, P1 worked on a cute little snowman and we ran up and down laughing. The UK goes into a bit of chaos whenever there is a slight dusting of snow, but that Thursday evening everything stopped for us but in a good way.

I think I needed that spontaneous adventure into the snow. A chance to be silly, carefree and fun. P2 said to me that I was a fun mummy. Reality of it is that recently, I definitely haven’t been fun at all. I’ve been grumpy and angry. The summer time and when it snows is my favourite parts of the year. I needed the snow to lift my mood a little and bring me back to reality with my girls.

Do you like the snow or do you find it just annoying?

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  1. I LOVE snow!!! Yes, it causes havoc on the roads, but I love the kid’s faces when they see it coming down and get to play in it. We had some but not enough sadly x

  2. Oh I’m so jealous we had NO SNOW. 🙁

  3. This is such a sweet post. Those photos are fab and really capture the moment. The snow was so much fun. Little Miss H was very excited and she kept running to the window to look at the flakes falling. It is a pity that the lovely white fluffy snow didn’t last for longer. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. Aw what a lovely post. The snow is so lovely. I wish it had been for longer I think we only got a few hours of it here. Lovely memories xx

  5. Last time it snowed properly I got the kids out of bed and played out with them as it so rarely lasts where I live x

  6. I do like the snow if we ever would get any. There was some Thursday evening but it wasnt enough to build a snowman. You got plenty there.

  7. Oh how lovely that you took the time out to enjoy the snow with your girlies. We didn’t have any where we live! It was most disappointing x

  8. i really like the snow and it was so fun seeing how my daughter reacted to it as she wasn’t old enough to remember last time it snowed. It’s just annoying how bad we deal with it over here!

  9. It looks so pretty. Was P1 in school today or was everything shut?

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