Snowy Morning School Run

Definitely feels a little bit silly writing this blog post after the weekend we’ve just had. Some glorious sunshine and some actual warmth on my skin! But believe it or not the UK had some snow!

I always talk about it but I’m not a lover of the winter months. In fact I honestly hate them. I find myself really struggling to keep in a happy mood during winter months. They’re gloomy and cold. But the only happy thing about winter is when it snows!

We woke up with a dusting of beautiful white powder, it wasn’t what was forecasted, but it was enough to tickle my excitement. Down went the breakfast, on went the clothes, we wrapped up warm and headed out. We actually got to school for 8am, nearly an hour before school starts just so we could have a snow fight.

Here are the photos from that morning. It was a special morning and I’m so glad we got out early to enjoy it because it had pretty much melted by pickup time. I hope you enjoy our snowy photos and there’s a little video from that day too.

Now let’s get back to praying for some sunshine!

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