Snuggliest Squad 3 Squishmallows Ever

A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law brought back from Canada a giant Squishmallow Cat for Eva. I had never seen anything like it before and we instantly fell in love with the squishy pillow. In fact, I use it to rest my back on every bedtime!

We’ve since gifted the girls the smaller versions for Christmas and birthdays. There’s a whole range of characters to choose from that each have their own personalities. We are hooked!

You can imagine my own excitement to be asked if we’d like to review the latest collection. I was hyped to see the girls reactions when these three cuties arrived. Bruce, Misty and Avery are part of the Squad 3 collection that is now available to buy online at Smyths Stores.

There are 12 new characters to choose from in the collection. There are Unicorns, birds, a koala, a dragon, cheetah, there’s so many and definitely something for everyone.

In all the excitement I have completely forgotten to tell you what a Squishmallow is! They are plush collectables that took the US by storm in 2017. I personally have never felt anything quite so soft and squishy. It’s really hard to explain but they are truly so snuggly and the smaller sized ones that are hitting the UK are the perfect size to cuddle in bed.

Each Squishmallow has its own personality. I allowed my girls to pick their own character from the three sent. It was interesting how the characters picked matched the girls to their own personalities.

Elsa chose Bruce the Walrus. His personality is an adventurous one who loves to kayak, Bruce leads travellers on amazing river tours and shows them all of his favourite hidden gems. Elsa loves to travel with us and explore new places. She pays lots of attention to the details of our adventures.

Eva picked Misty the Mouse, she was my fav don’t tell the others. Misty is a mischievous mouse with a wild side. She loves hockey, baseball, NASCAR and horses! Eva rides horses herself so Misty was the perfect pick for her.

Lastly, Freya had Avery the Mallard. Avery is a skilled left wingman for the rugby team! His whole family comes to watch and they bring popsicles to celebrate once the game is over. We are always very supportive of Freya when she takes part in sports. A great friendship.

The 40cm big Squishmallows cost £19.99 and these littler characters that we had been sent are 18cm and cost just £6.99 each. I think they are really great in price. We are going to end up with a very big collection. Smyth’s stores are currently closed but you can buy them online! Who would you pick?

Disclosure: the three Squad 3 Squishmallows were gifted to us. The rest pictured were bought ourselves prior to the collaboration.

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