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I definitely think that working with JAKKS Pacific has got to be one of my highlights in my blogging life. We always receive some pretty awesome goodies and the other week was no different. It’s very rare that we’ll actually buy the girls new toys as so they were absolutely delighted to see a box full of Sofia The First toys for them to explore.


Inside the box was a backpack full of toys and a magazine. I’ve not seen the new miniature sets before but immediately can see the cuteness in them and how collectable they are. I prefer getting the girls sets of toys rather than random bits so this obviously really appealed to me. The girls also received a cute Sofia The First camera which uses batteries to make sounds and flips scenes when you look inside.

jakks pacific sofia the first

So the miniature toys are about three inches tall. They come with a character from Sofia The First and the corresponding pet. We also received two little playset versions, Princess Amber’s Closet and Princess Sofia’s Magical Classroom. Both of these are super cute. The painting easel is really interesting as when you wipe water over it the picture either appears or changes colour. The girls really enjoyed that. 


These sets are available from Smyths Toys. The little Princess dolls with the animals are £5.99 and the play sets are £9.99. I actually think these are really decently priced toys and have so much appeal to them. The girls now keep them in their Sofia The First rucksack and bring them outside to play when the weather is nice. They are great for imaginative play and socialising.

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Value For Money

Cute toys!

Lovely little collectable toys. Brilliant for joint play and imaginative games.

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