The Soft Play Cafe Sevenoaks

There are many things I hate about Facebook and also, many things I love about it too. A few weeks ago something popped up on my news feed. A friend had shared a group that was about to open it’s doors. The Soft Play Cafe. She had only shared it because the photo that was used happened to feature her daughter in it. I love finding new places to go and for four mornings a week I have just P3 to entertain. I have already filled our Monday with Gymboree, our Thursday’s with a Stay & Play and Fridays are generally for going out somewhere. I was left with a Tuesday and so this new cafe really appealed to me.


A few weeks ago we headed over to check the place out. I happened to be vlogging my day and the video has had a great response so far (see below). I wasn’t really sure what to expect, the Facebook About part says “Brand New Soft Play Cafe suitable for under 5s”. The little group is held in the Sevenoaks Rugby Club, there is plenty of parking available free of charge and it’s super easy to find. We were greeted by the two ladies that run the group, who were both very welcoming. The group costs £3 per child and you just need to sign in on the book near the door. Much like normal groups we attend.

The Soft Play Cafe is very different to normal groups though. It is open 9am to 3:30pm term times on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. There is a little kitchen serving delicious food for the adults and children, like Jacket Potatoes and Toasties. I ordered a hot chocolate which was one of the best hot chocolates I have ever tasted! They were reasonably priced too which was great. The venue has plenty of sofas, tables and chairs to sit on to enjoy your food and drinks but also where you can relax.


The play part of The Soft Play Cafe is well equipped. I have to lean towards saying this is more suitable for younger children than closer to the age limit purely due to the space available. Having said that, it is completely adequate and super safe. Oh and very colourful. There’s cute little soft play shapes and steps to climb. Lots of tunnels and an adorable velcro sea wall. There is also building bricks, loads of dress up clothes, tents and P3s favourite is the ride on cars.

On the first week we went the door was open which made me a little anxious for P3 to escape but the following week with the weather a bit cooler the door was kept shut. This made the whole experience so wonderful as P3 ran about completely safe. I love how they provide juice and water for the kids free of charge plus one of the weeks we went there was also a selection of fresh fruit chopped up for them too.


I can see this becoming a real favourite place for me. I may even taken my laptop down there to get some work done as the place is super relaxed and P3 really enjoys herself when she is there. I love that the time that it is open for means we don’t necessarily have to rush about to get there and can just arrive as and when we feel like it and also leave when we feel like it. It is such a unique little place and I feel quite passionate about it already!

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  1. It looks like a fab place to relax and play.

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