“Something’s up with P2 tonight”

20131213-120044 am.jpgSomething’s up with P2 tonight. I can’t quite put my finger on it. She did her usual “I want to go to bed” signs of only wanting me, resting her head on me and getting very emotional. So I did the usual – bum change, pjs on, GroBag on, placed in cot and have her milk feed.

That’s when the oddness started. She drank 9oz which is odd. She was then still awake which was odd. I walked out the room as normal expecting her to self settle like normal but nope, she screamed and screamed and guess what? Screamed!!

I got her out, I rocked her, I changed her bum just in case, we gave her a half dose of calpol in case it’s more teeth, tried to give more bottle. Nothing worked. P2 was still awake, very upset and sleepy. I ended up in the cot with her. Perks of being just 4ft 8in tall!!

I managed to peel myself out without disturbing her but half an hour later she was awake again crying. Disturbing her sister who made sleepy grunts. She’s been stirring on and off every half an hour. I’m now in bed with hubby snoring and both girls asleep but for how long?! We’ve been in bed for just 3hours and already I’ve been up about 6 times for P2!!!

Is this teeth? Sickness? Separation anxiety? I need sleep.

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