Sorry, One Of Those 4am Mum Moments

Well the birds are tweeting, I don’t think I’ve ever heard birds in this house?!, and I’ve just been woken up by P2.

So?! What makes this unusual, special even, is that P2 went to sleep early last night. My OH went to the gym, P1 was in bed and my parents also went to bed early. Leaving just P2 and me in front of the telly.

I gave her a fees, just like normal she clusters every evening. However, this time she fell asleep at 9pm. At 11pm my OH and I tried to poke and prod her awake. She flapped her arms about as if to say “get off!” And continued to snooze.

We transferred her to her Moses… Still nothing! So we went to sleep too, knowing full well I’d have a max of about an hour before she would wake up.

But no, P2 has slept seven and a half hours tonight. 9pm – 4:30am! I’m so proud. Slightly confused, but completely over the moon.

You could really tell she was hungry!! I fed her from both boobs, for my benefit more than hers, and within half hour she’s back to sleep.

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