SOS Mummy Survival Kit with Lights by TENA

Every single day I have moments when I feel like screaming help! Parenting is by far the hardest job on earth. It is a 24 hour job, even when you’re sleeping your subconscious is aware of your surroundings listening out for a cry. I’m not one to seclude mums and dads, but child birth definitely gives us mums a reason to need a SOS Mummy Survival Kit put together by TENA.

tena sos shopping bag

Inside my kit was everything needed to make life that little bit easier. 

Antibacterial gel – I use this every time we go out. It’s in my changing bag 100% of the time and I use it to disinfect my hands or my kids hands when there are no sinks available. Things like potty training, or changing P3s bottom, visiting the nature trail where they can get close to animals or even at restaurants or supermarkets. You could even antibac a tissue and wipe some surfaces when you are out.

Dry Shampoo – I have always heard of people who swear by using dry shampoo but I have never tried it. I am a mum who ties my hair up quickly if I haven’t got time to shower and hopes that no one notices. Since having my hair cut much shorter and experiencing some hair loss due to bleaching too much, getting it into my classic pony tail isn’t happening. It’s the school holidays at the moment so there’s plenty of time to get showered before we head out but when term time arrives again I’m sure the dry shampoo will be used frequently.

Bio Oil – I’ve been quite lucky in the stretch mark situation. I know some women class them as their stripes of war, proud of them because they show that their body created a little human. I’m not one of those women. I was devastated when I found my first stretch mark which quickly became quite a few, but they were never that bad. They’ve faded amazingly and I always swore by bio oil for it. I have a few on my thighs that I want to use the oil for, to spruce me up a little and leave my skin feeling much softer.

Gel Foot Cushions – I used to always laugh at this kind of product. But actually since I started wearing heels literally all of the time, these have been my new best friend. Running around after children all day in hard work on your feet so having some gel foot cushions is certainly a must have in my SOS kit.

Chocolate Flavoured Tea – To unwind with at the very end of the day, when the mess from the day has been tidied away and there’s just you and the tv. I personally hate tea but have quite enjoyed the taste of these tea bags.

Apron – I have never used an apron. I always have spills on my clothes. I am so grateful to have a personalised apron to wear now, in my favourite colour too! It’s there not just for cooking but for messy play too which helps protect my clothes.

Last but not least, the TENA Lights themselves. 69% of pregnant women or new mums experience little leaks. I hold my hands up and admit to experiencing an “ooops” moment. My moments mainly happen when I sneeze more than once when I need a wee. The TENA Lights are designed for discreet protection with a keep dry layer. I have to admit that these liners are not the thinnest I’ve used but are so soft compared to other brands. A definite must have in a Mummy’s Survival Kit. Head over to the website to try them out for yourself, free!

I would also put a portable charger in my SOS Mummy Survival Kit, some biscuits and a deodorant. What would you put in yours?


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