“It sounds silly because shopping is such an ordinary thing”

Growing up I always spent time with my Grandparents. Just them and me. My Nan and my Grandad. We went to Scotland for holidays to visit my Grandad’s sister, we went to Somerset to visit Grandad’s friend on a farm he owned. I spent pretty much every afternoon after school with them.

But now I rarely get quality time with my Grandad. It’s mostly my fault for moving counties. I had promised myself when we moved that I’d still see him weekly but it didn’t quite go that way. When we do see him I have one, two or all three girls in tow and of course the focus is on them. Oh woe is me alert there. Pass the violins.

2016-01-13 12.35.51

Anyway, for Christmas I asked my Grandad for money. I wanted to take myself off to Primark and get new clothes. He agreed and then somehow it ended up with a one to one trip organised with zero children or husband in tow. Amazing! I have been so excited for over a month about this trip. We’d organised it so it was out of the Christmas rush and just far enough out of the January sales.

Waking up on Wednesday morning I felt totally sick with nerves and excitement. I physically couldn’t eat my half a slice of toast with peanut butter. I was excited about the shopping but terribly nervous about driving the car on my own and parking it. Thankfully all went smoothly, I left early so I literally drove straight into a space by the school and managed to drive straight back out.

2016-01-13 12.34.01

As my Auntie is staying with my Grandad at the moment, she came along for the shopping trip too and it was so lovely to spend some proper time with her. Time that hasn’t been spent for many many years. It sparked little memories of my childhood. She was my favourite person of all when I was younger but family situations changed and we grew apart.

The whole day yesterday will always hold a special place in my heart. It sounds silly because shopping is such an ordinary thing. But doing it with my 83 year old Grandad and my Auntie felt so wonderful. I laughed and I smiled the whole day. I managed to get some lovely clothes, new pjs, new boots and some bras. I even bought myself some foundation and a little gift for P2s nursery manager.

2016-01-13 13.04.23

We even went out for lunch at Bella Italia. We had a 2 course meal from the set lunch menu and it was absolutely delicious. I’ve been cutting my portion sizes for the past two weeks now and I felt so stuffed after my starter that I really struggled to eat just half of my main. I ended up wrapping the other half and bringing it back for hubby. He can’t say I never get him anything now.

The day really gave me confidence in myself with regards to my driving too and it was so nice to do things without a child to think about. I even feel like I should arrange more day outs just my Grandad and me. It was really special.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day, it’s nice to be able to spend quality time with your family. x

  2. Oh this sounds like such a wonderful day! I don’t have my grandads anymore and I miss them a lot. Well done on the driving!

  3. What a lovely day out you had. I bet your Grandad and Aunt loved it too 🙂 Well done with the driving!!! Laura x

  4. That sounds like such a lovely day! Really nice when you get family time with people your not with that often!

  5. Sounds like a lovely day. So hard to make time for everyone with life being so crazy but glad you were able to! Well done for the driving :)!

  6. Glad you had a lovely day with your grandad and aunt. It’s nice to have some adult time and not have to worry about being mummy and what the kids are doing. X

  7. What a lovely day. It is so important to spend this time with your family. And well done for driving. I hope that had given you lots of confidence. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  8. That sounds so lovely, glad you spent some quality time together x

  9. How lovely! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! It’s nice to get out without the kids now and again x

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