Sow & Grow with Innocent Drinks

We had such a lovely time at Fruit Towers back in August that when Innocent invited us along again we just couldn’t say no. All five of us headed into London on Tuesday to have some lunch at the headquarters of where my girls favourite drinks are thought of.


I The journey was very straight forward but rather stressful with P3 attempting to escape down the aisle of the train at every given opportunity P1 demanding food, and trying to bribe P2 to use the pretty disgusting train toilet. But we all arrived in one piece and ready for fun.


I think I said this last time but the people at Innocent, every one of them, are so friendly and great with the kids. The girls recognised where they were and immediately began running around like crazy children but soon calmed as they were shown the activities.



Innocent have teamed up with television cook, Lorraine Pascale who is also a mum of one, to get kids excited about fruit and vegetables by growing it themselves. My grandad had a little allotment when I was growing up and his own garden is full of home grown produce that P1 has really enjoyed helping grow.



For the past 4 years Innocent have been running the Sow & Grow campaign in Ireland, teaming up with charity Grow It Yourself to help provide 20,000 children with everything they need to grow fruit and veg in their classrooms. Now this spring it’s coming to the UK. Already over 3300 British schools have signed up to receive their growing kits, full of seeds, info packs and lesson plans t help teachers incorporate healthy eating in their lessons. If you’re a teacher and want to get involved in the Sow & Grow campaign you can sign up here.



The kids loved being at Fruit Towers again, they had special activities to help promote growing your own fruit and veg. The first thing they took part in was to actually grow their own seeds. They used cups, soil, cress seeds and water which is perfect for us as we don’t have a garden. P1 then went to be quizzed about certain vegetable seeds and I was so shocked when she got every single one correct, some I didn’t know either! P1 then had a rummage in a bag of soil to find and guess the vegetables whilst blindfolded. Again she got her one straight away.



We were then sat down to enjoy some food from Lorraine Pascale’s recipes using homegrown fruit and veg. The food was absolutely delicious and I eventually was able to finish my plate whilst running after P3 a million times.  

food innocent sow and grow

I didn’t get to socialise with other bloggers or the team at Innocent as much as I’d have liked to as the three girls were running around and getting up to mischief but we had such a lovely day. The girls really enjoyed themselves and the whole experience. It’s always a great adventure going to London.



Disclaimer: We were compensated for our travel to attend this event.

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  1. What a clever idea – looks like the girls had a great day!

    Lizzie Dripping

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