Special Needs Diary #13 – A Long Needed Update On Our Autism Journey

It’s been nearly a whole year since I last updated or spoke properly about P1’s special needs. It has been such an exhausting year but I think that we are heading in the right direction finally.

I learn new things about P1 each day yet it’s hard to actually pin point the differences when people ask us. How do you know? Because quite frankly it’s the way she is. If you’re new to my blog, we believe that P1 has autism. It’s a large spectrum and we are entering the diagnosis process very slowly.

Last year she didn’t get seen by the community paediatrician as much as i hoped she would. Once actually because of delayed appointments and what we later found out, a change of doctor. It’s so frustrating when you get fobbed off at every opportunity yet we are so grateful too.

P1 was seen by an educational psychologist and an occupational therapist several times at school. The SENCO (special educational needs coordinator) however didn’t seem to be quite onboard with us despite being told by P1s teachers that she still needed extra support.

She had her chair and table swapped to smaller, adjustable ones which has been amazing for P1. She also started a touch typing reading writing course that she attends four mornings a week! It’s absolutely hectic but it’s doing her the world of good.

Friendships have been a tough thing for P1 in the past year. I’ve been so pleased that her teacher this year has been so supportive and really encouraging her. The bullying that she experienced last school year has really effected her for this one. It’s awful to hear about and witness.

She’s been the only girl not invited to a few parties, the girls who were once her friends now walk straight past her. She tells me that she feels she has no friends which broke my heart into tiny pieces. We’re working through it and helping her to make friends outside of school.

At home, she’s been a struggle. Especially during the transition from school holidays to School back to school holidays. Change sends her into a frenzy of rudeness, abuse and hyper behaviour. Those things we experience daily any way but double that with a change of routine and it gets so much worse.

Her relationship with her sisters on a whole is getting better. She’s so helpful at times and will get them their breakfast. But she can be so nasty too. Lashing out for no reason and not really understanding she’s done something wrong. Sometimes even laughing at us.

Those are the hard times to cope with. Watching your youngest daughters bear the brunt of P1’s wildness and having to explain that their big sister doesn’t actually understand. But they are getting better and we are discussing how some people are different but those differences make them special. That we have to always be kind and support each other.

During the middle of last year we discussed heavily the diagnosis process with our new Paediatrician. She was so helpful and has really moved things along. I’m hopeful for 2018 and want to try and document these struggles and joys more. Sorry this post is a bit rambly, it’s for me just as much as you. Thank you!

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  1. Aww! Sending big hugs! I went through similar last year with my youngest regarding bullying, parties and once friends snubbing her. The way you describe your girl makes me think so much of mine….We are waiting to be seen. We suspect some sort of Autism with my girl. We had an 18 week wait which is up at the beginning of next month. Good luck x

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