Spontaneous Road Trip To Camber Sands Beach

I have really struggled to find the time to edit photos and write about our days out this summer, so I can only apologise that even though it’s back to school and Autumn is definitely round the corner I am uploading lots of summery posts from the school holidays. I thought we’d start with our trip to Camber Sands Beach.

It was during the very first week of the school holidays. It was somewhere I’d been as a child when we used to stay at Pontins, and when we moved to Kent five years ago I always wanted to head back but we’d never got round to it. We happened to be already half way there for P1’s physiotherapy appointment and with it being gloriously hot Hubby thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go to the beach.

I obviously created a video from our day out which you can watch above. I took so many photos too which are below.

Camber Sands is a pretty busy beach during the summer even more so at the weekends so we was a bit nervous we wouldn’t get a parking space, let alone make our way through a sea of people whilst on the actual beach. But it was a Friday right at the beginning of the holidays and there was actually lots of available spaces and the beach didn’t seem too overcrowded.

We only spent a few hours at the beach but the girls were laughing so much whilst they played in the sand and chased the water as the tide went out exposing new beach. It reminded me of so many memories. I want to go back again as Camber Sands has a brilliant dune area that I used to explore and I know the girls would love to do the same.

If you are local, or even if you’re not as you can stay literally on the beach, I’d highly recommend a visit to Camber Sands. It’s such a lovely, clean beach with toilets and food too. It’s the perfect family beach trip! Anyway, here are all of our photos from our lovely afternoon out. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. This looks like such a perfect day – I’ve loved your summer scrapbook this year!


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