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Life has been pretty hectic the past few weeks. What with all the walking we’ve been doing due to car issues, constant child demands and being vitamin D lacking, I have just been completely exhausted. So when the Bostik box arrived this month I was rather excited to be able to let the girls craft away on their own. As it happened two of three children were sleeping so I just let P1 get on with it. Giving her the theme for this month, Sports.

bostik blogger crafting

She came up with a really cute idea. I think this was inspired by her recent sports day. She created a Dinosaur Sports day. She used some ribbon, card and pipe cleaners to create some cute little medals; one silver, one bronze and a rosette for the winner! She made a flag from foam hands and felt with a pipe cleaner. She said that this was for the watchers to wave. P1 made a pipe cleaner hockey stick with a polystyrene ball and cup. Then she even created little spectators. When her sisters woke up she was able to actually play out the little scene she created.

bostik bloggers craft sports

I actually love getting the Bostik boxes each month as it allows the girls to focus on something and we get many different items we wouldn’t usually think to use. I really love the Bostik glue we get as well, it’s really strong!

Disclosure: I have been provided with these materials for the purpose of this post from Tots100/Bostik Bloggers 2016.

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