Fun Spring Cleaning Facts With Spaceways

P3 is really not herself. I’m unsure what the cause is and think it’s a mixture of many things. Teething. A cold. The six month separation anxiety stage of her development. For the past week she has not wanted me to leave her side, its not even leaving her sight because that would be fine. I have to physically be touching her or talking to her or holding her in my arms. She’s not even happy in the sling at the moment.

I’ve not done any housework and with five members in our household, things are rapidly building up around me. It’s really stressing me out and I want to get it all cleared and cleaned. Spaceways have created a fun little infographic to give me, and you, some moral support when Spring Cleaning this Spring:

I hate housework. It’s certainly not something I look forward to but I know it has to be done. Spaceways offer boxes and secure storage for all the items you want to keep, but cannot fit in your home. This would be such a simple solution for us with little effort as our out building storage is a little dangerous at the moment.

What are your Spring Cleaning tips?

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  1. Let’s be honest – I don’t know anyone who will raise their hands in a room and say, ‘I love to clean!’ It’s great that there are ways to get yourself motivated about this hard chorus. I’ a professional cleaner but this doesn’t mean that I’m a cleaning freak! I really like the infographic. Spaceway did a great job with it !

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