The Fantasy Box Review – Sex After Baby

When a slightly unusual email found its way into my inbox, I had a little giggle inside then thought it would be a fun thing to accept. The Fantasy Box arrived through my door, in discreet outer packaging, not long after. I felt slightly nervous about the post, the reaction and the actual reviewing of the box with its contents but received a great response on Facebook. Sex is a subject, as parenting bloggers, that we all seem to avoid. Yet it is a topic of conversation in my home that gets discussed a lot.


If you haven’t guessed already, The Fantasy Box is an adult themed subscription box designed to help explore new dimensions of your relationship in exciting and stress-free ways. For me since having our third child, sex has become a bit of a task that has to be planned around children. I was quite excited to be able to add something different to our usual routine. Gosh this is a bit personal isn’t it!? Each Fantasy Box includes role cards and “ingredients” to execute the instructions. There are four categories in The Fantasy Box series: Sensual, Playful, Control & Costume. You are able to pick and choose which you are most comfortable with when you order.


My box came with some really pretty lingerie, I was actually really shocked at the quality and it was nothing too raunchy either. A candle, lubricant, a ribbed vibrator and batteries, eye mask, a set of questions for him and her, and the role play cards of course. My theme was communication and anticipation. Firstly and before we got to work with the box contents we both had to answer the questions in private. It’s like a complete date night wrapped up in a box and delivered to your door which is a lovely idea. Over a romantic dinner you discuss your answers which is the first part of the evening.


The role play cards are really tasteful and easy to follow. There’s a leader and a follower card which you can choose who does which. The instructions are different each month and are based on the theme your box is focused on.

I won’t go into detail about the rest of the night but it was such a nice change and I felt more relaxed than I thought I would about the whole situation. It has also given us the basis of different experiences to enjoy together and is improving my view of sex and that actually it doesn’t have to be such a chore all the time. It can be fun again just like it was before we had children together.

 There are SO many options available at The Fantasy Box so definitely head over to find one that suits you best. The subscription costs from £36 and you can choose to have monthly or every other month. I can’t believe I’m going to say this as I really didn’t expect to before, but GET IT ON YOUR CHRISTMAS/BIRTHDAY WISH LIST!!! Or even buy it as a gift for a friend. We’ve had such a lovely experience with The Fantasy Box. 


The Fantasy Box


Brilliant box for igniting love and passion

We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure with the Fantasy Box. It brought fun new things to our sex life.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a great review, and giving the box a go! We’re so so delighted you liked it! We created it for loving couples just like you and your readers (and ourselves!). Like us all, with kids, work, life just gets in the way sometimes, or we simply get in a bit of a rut in our love lives. So we created the Fantasy Box to help us all do something about it. As a thank you we’d like to offer all your readers an exclusive 20% discount on a subsription using the code TFB2015. (you can cancel at any time) Thank you again!

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