St Helen’s Duver – Isle of Wight 2020 – day 2

I woke up really early on the first morning on the Isle Of Wight. There’s something about holidays that get me motivated for adventures and a new routine. I think I was the only grown-up awake.

Our plans for our entire holiday was to take each day as it came. Make sure we did lots of outside adventures and kept ourselves as safe as we possibly could.

For anyone who has never travelled to the Isle Of Wight, it’s a small island at the bottom of the United Kingdom. It’s super easy to reach a beach from wherever you are and takes roughly an hour to get from East to West.

For our second day, we packed up the car with our beach items and headed to St Helen’s Duver beach.


I found it useful during our holiday to have a suitcase with our beach shoes, swimming costumes, their hoodie towels and some sandcastle tools. This made it easy to keep in the car and have access to if we had unplanned beach visits.

We planned to spend the morning at St Helen’s Duver and head back to our holiday home for lunch.

St Helen’s Duver is known for being a great place to go rock pooling. This isn’t something we’d done before so our girls were very excited. 

There is some parking along the seafront, however, even at nearly 10 am it was rather busy so we drove a little bit further down the road to a National Trust car park. This is free for NT members.

If you head past the Old St Helen’s Duver church, there’s a sandy area and as expected, the tide was out and this exposed some amazing rocks in this area.


We laid out our picnic blankets and headed down to the rocks in search of any life. We saw lots of fish and some crabs. It was so cute to watch all three of the girls exploring the little rock pools.

I asked Hubby to take some photos of me in the shallow water. I thought it would be cute, however, somehow I ended up with a small cut on my bottom!

The tide started to come back in. I always find it incredible how the sea works, the tide can be such a dangerous thing.

Eva and Elsa spent some time helping their Grandad to create a fort using the sand and rocks. It kept them busy on the beach for the entire morning. The best part, of course, was being able to watch the tide come in and destroy it. 

We did have some slight issues on the beach with other parents and their children not respecting the social distancing rules. It made us feel quite uncomfortable at times but we carried on until the fort was destroyed and then we packed up and heading back to the holiday home.

After lunchtime, my mother-in-law suggested that we go for a walk. Anybody who knows me personally will know that I’m not one who happily heads off for a walk.

We were staying at Kemphill Barn. When we stayed a few years ago, it was a cow farm but now they had just maize in their fields. The lovely lady who owns the farm had given my mother-in-law directions for a little walk.

This walk involved wading through over 6-foot tall maize. It was one of the most exciting walks we’ve ever been on. Unfortunately, it made my hayfever go absolutely crazy but it was still lots of fun.

Our evening was spent chilling out at the barn. We had told the girls that we’d left their iPad’s at home. We wanted them to truly enjoy being children during this holiday and reconnect with nature too.

After another delicious dinner cooked for us by my mother-in-law’s partner, we put the children to bed and spent the evening playing board games. My personal favourite game of Blokus. Whenever we are on holiday with my mother-in-law, she always plays board games. I really enjoy it.

There’s lots of Isle Of Wight content coming up so please come back soon to read more. Our next adventure is a trip to Godshill Model Village!

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