Stabilo EASYoriginal Pen and EASYergo Pencil Review

P1 has been receiving Early Literacy Support at school. I was a bit sceptical about it all at first, I wasn’t sure that it would help and to be honest I hadn’t noticed a problem with her writing or literacy. I thought she was doing well.

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try out a special pen and pencil from Stabilo. I wanted to see how the pen would improve her ability and comfort of using them. Plus, we never seem to have a pen to hand so I was quite excited about having one in the house for once!


Both the pen and pencil are cleverly designed so that your child can hold them comfortably in the correct position. The EASYoriginal pen has indented areas where fingers/thumb should be placed whereas the EASYergo 1.4 pencil has a smoothed edging for comfort. They both come in a right handed and left handed version which makes them fantastic for every child.

The EASYoriginal pen comes with a handy refill and an ink eraser refill too. This pen is actually blue inked. The EASYergo pencil has 3 leads included and the design of it means it does not need sharpening and also works at the lightest of touches.


P2 was very keen on using the pencil when she saw her big sister with new special pen, we allowed her to have a little go, but I’m trying to keep this stationary for P1 for her “special homework pen” which will hopefully make homework a little more interesting.

P1 really enjoyed using this pen. I can honestly say that it has made her writing neater and easier to read with little to no blotching as she is holding the pen in the correct way. I think this has also helped with the formation of her letters and her writing is so much clearer. I’m so proud of her achievements and we’ve really enjoyed trying out this pen.

I am setting her a task to create her own little story and I will be blogging about that on a later date.

The EASYoriginal pen retails at around £6.50 and the EASYergo pencil is £7.49 which I do think is quite expensive, however they are making a real difference in P1s literacy life so it would certainly be worth every penny and classed as an investment. Especially when there are refills available for both.



Excellent stationary to help with a young child who is learning to write and draw correctly.

User Rating: 3.8 ( 1 votes)

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