Staying Positive In 2016 With Mini Babybel Light

I was given a task to write about being positive in 2016 right at a time when my life didn’t feel very positive. We’ve all just been ill and not only have we dealt with the physical illness, but there’s been boredom from P2 who hasn’t really caught anything, and now P3 seems to have gotten used to crying continuously. It’s been an emotionally draining week and with the weather of January being pretty gloomy, February hasn’t started that amazing.

I set out to make 2016 the happiest, funniest and most fulfilling year and of course there will always be negative parts but that doesn’t mean that I have to forget that there is always a positive to a situation. Babybel teamed up with the always bubbly, Stacey Solomon and she put together her top tips to have a joyful 2016 and I’m certainly going to be taking some of them onboard.

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The new Mini Babybel Light is just 42 calories per cheese. I am currently trying to eat better this year and these are perfect little treats that I already love that I can add to each day without filling me with guilt. I think I struggle with motivation and it’s something I need to change. I really need to make 2016 less about the negatives and more about the good things that are happening around me.

I certainly need to see friends more and fill myself with adult conversation. I went to a coffee morning this week and although at first I felt a little anxious because I don’t know the Mums as much as I’d like, I quickly changed my out look of the situation and tried to embrace the lovely ladies that have always been so warm with me.

I’ve also started a new hobby that I’m really excited about. I’ve been knitting! Although I’ve given myself a knitting injury, it’s been lovely to focus on something that makes me feel calm. As my blog is getting busier now I am spending less time knitting which is fine because now instead of just using my quiet evenings to sit and watch telly, I sit and knit. It’s so peaceful.

One thing I really need to focus on is my ability to laugh more. I need to for all of our sakes and recently I’ve been feeling very tense about everything. It’s probably hormones but it’s not a nice feeling. I want to be able to sing and dance with the kids and for them to enjoy my company as much as they love their daddy’s. I’m going to make more time for myself so I can be the mummy they need me to be.


How are you trying to stay positive through 2016?


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