Storing Made Simple – Review 8

Lansinoh is a brand made for breastfeeding mums.

Currently I’ve used three of their products. But I’m going to talk about their Storage Bags for expressed milk.

Whilst P1 was in Special Care I expressed milk. Our fridge and freezer was packed full of bottles of my milk – so was the hospitals! We had little room for anything else. This time I knew there had to be another way of storing my milk. Luckily I was given a pack of Lansinoh’s Breastmilk Storage Bags as a gift from someone.

They come in a box of 50. The bags are double sealed. Pre-sterilised. BPA free. Stores safely for up to 6months.

The bags are so simple to use – You just tear off the sealed top and then there’s two seals just like a sandwich bag. Once open you just pour your expressed milk inside and re-seal. And plop in the fridge or freezer. The bags are completely leak proof so you can lay them flat or sit them up depending on how much space you have.


Lansinoh have really made my expressing and storing very simple. However, I do think they are a bit pricey. You can purchase them from Mothercare for £8.99 so I’m not sure I’ll personally be buying any so I hope I don’t need any more than 50.

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