Storm Hits Southern UK 28th October 2013

I want to apologise to anyone who read my previous post about last night and today’s storms. It was a little insensitive and has been deleted.
After reading news reports and weather forecasts I was really quite nervous going to bed last night. The wind had already picked up quite a bit and it was expected that Sevenoaks and South of England/Wales would be the worst hit by winds of 60-80mph.

I was seriously expecting to be woken up in the middle of the night by a tree smashing through our window and I’m very very thankful we weren’t. The wind howled quite aggressively most of the night, I know this because I was up most of the night tending to P2! Thankfully it didn’t wake P1 as she went to bed very worried about it.
20131028-105231 pm.jpg

20131028-105447 pm.jpgThis was the view this morning. Flag still in tact and a few extra leaves lying around. Part of a tree had broken off but nothing too outrageous. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for everyone.

20131028-110308 pm.jpg

20131028-110317 pm.jpg

20131028-110326 pm.jpg

20131028-110336 pm.jpgMany trees fell down and caused major train issues, cancelling pretty much all of them, they blocked roads, caused a gas explosion and a poor teenage girl lost her life due to one falling on the mobile home she was sleeping in.

I feel extremely lucky that the weather forecast wasn’t quite right for my area. I’m so thankful that my girls and my hubby are safe. We have enjoyed having an extended weekend with him which makes me feel very guilty for the families that are having to delve into their wallets to fix Mother Natures disaster!

Are you all ok after the storm???

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